56 Year Old Male Virgin - Short Erotic Story

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My name is Rob and until a week ago I was a 56 year old male virgin. I had been brought up very strict and sex was not something that was ever talked about. There was no sex education and as an older teen and adult, I never really had any girlfriends, just females that I was friends with. I was made redundant 6 months ago and was thinking what I should do next. I decided to meet up with my friend Karen. She was always a good friend over the years and we met now and again to catch up or maybe go to the theatre. When we met, she seemed quite nervous. She said she had some news for me. I was waiting in keen anticipation. After a few drinks I had forgotten what she said and she invited me back to hers for a coffee.

When we arrived at her home we opened up a bottle of wine. the coffees could wait at is was a very good bottle. We were both slightly tipsy and then she came out with her revelation. "I have been an escort in Primrose Hill for the past months", she blurted out. I was taken aback. I was shocked but at the same time pleasantly surprised as I had her down as very boring. I asked her about being an escort and she said she enjoyed it. She has met some very nice gentlemen and gone out on many lavish dates. I was feeling tipsy and if it was time for revelations I needed to match hers. I told her I was a virgin. At first she laughed thinking I was joking, but when she realized I was serious she stopped. She couldn't understand as she said she didn't know why women would not have jumped at the chance to bed me as I was so interesting. I told her maybe it was a case I just kept on putting it off for the right person but understanding there probably isn't this perfect women.

She kissed me on the cheek. Then her lips slowly moved to my mouth. I was shocked but I responded. I had always fancied her. She ripped off her clothes and mine. I was very tipsy but wanted to have sex with her. I didn't want to be a freak, a 56 year old virgin. She led me into her bedroom and we kissed passionately on the bed. I got a huge erection. She smiled and said "this is wee you stick that hard dick into my pussy". I was nervous but found it easy enough to slide my big, hard erect cock, in her. She bit her lip with sexual pleasure as my huge cock slid inside. It felt so good. I began making deeper and faster thrusts into her. She moaned and groaned with ecstasy. She kept on saying that she wanted me to cum deep inside of her. I felt a huge rush of sexual pleasure and then I let out a huge jet burst of cum into her pussy. An endless stream of my love juice squirted and pumped out of my penis. I felt like I was cumming for at least 25-30 seconds.

I had lost my virginity at 56 and had found out my friend was actually a escort in Battersea. What a night!