A Daring Striptease - Erotic Story

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Chantelle had put everything into her marriage. When it came to an end she felt so hard done by. She had given 12 years of faithful marriage only to find her husband had been having an affair. That affair had been with her best friend (well former best friend) and it hurt very much. She had recently been doing any things to get fit as she had put a bit of weight on. She took up jogging as her ex husband said she needed to lose some weight when they were married. Rather than get upset, she decided to get fit. One evening her gym class was cancelled so she decided to go home and prepare a nice meal for her man. When she arrived home she was met with sexual noises coming from her bedroom. She burst into the bedroom to find her then husband having sex with her best friend. They were in a sexual position that she had never been in before let alone existed. Her former best friend was upside on her back and her former husband was on top plunging his dick, deep into her pussy. They were really going for it and they did not even notice she was in the room. Her former best friend was screaming in delight as his huge dick ploughed deep inside her. She then noticed that they were not alone in the room and it was at least a minute before they sorted themselves out. She clutched the duvet around her and began crying. Chantelle burst into tears to and just crumpled to the ground. It was too much of a shock for her to comprehend what she just witnessed.

The divorce was not messy at all. In fact her ex husband made it easy by admitting all his faults. Chantelle at 37 thought it was probably too late to find love again. She honestly thought she had found a the love of her life. A year ago she found out her husband had been enquiring about booking some escorts in Kent. She had stumbled over these escort websites while doing her weekly food shop online. He must of forgotten to clear the internet history as there were about 15 websites he had looked on. One website was dedicated to busty escorts. Chantelle felt very insecure about her breasts as they were not that big. Her ex husband used to always reassure her that it wasn't a problem. The fact he had been looking at women with big boobs made her feel, he was lying. At the time she was upset but he assured her that is was just curiosity and he was never going to meet any escort at all. Even to this day she did not know what to think. She didn't think he would have sex with her then, best friend. So who knows what to believe she thought.

Chantelle then went on a rebellious streak in her life. For a month she would go out with her friends and always end up meeting a guy. In a month she had shagged 5 different men. One night she even ended up having a lesbian threesome. She had never ever looked at another woman in a romantic way. However she felt like doing something daring. She had gone out with her friend from work and they ended up going to a lesbian bar. She began doing lots of shots of Sambuca and Tequila. She got talking to these two ladies who had her their eye on her as soon as he walked in. Chantelle started dancing in a sexy manner while directing her sensual gaze in their direction. Soon enough it they had come over to introduce themselves. After a while they all decided to head back to theirs.

The two ladies were in an open relationship and liked having fun. Their flat was very luxurious and Chantelle was very impressed. One of the ladies put some music on. Chantelle was feeling very horny and wild and decided to put a show on for them. She started to undo the buttons on her shirt in a very provocative manner. She then started caressing her breasts and licking her lips. She started to sway her hips round and round has she squeezed her breasts. The two women were getting very aroused. She then came over to where they were sitting and turned around so she was facing away. She bent over and slid her skirt down slowly to reveal a lovely blue g-string. She began to rub her ass up and down the crotch of both women, grinding on their laps. By this time both of the women decided to join in the fun. They began to strip off and soon massage oil was brought into the mix. Thy began rubbing massage oil all over Chantelle's body. Chantelle then told them to sit down and then slid down both their panties. She began licking their pussies and fondling their breasts. Both women laid back on the couch and began kissing one another. Chantelle would be putting deep tongue strokes into one pussy and then fingering the other. She was sucking and licking with great energy whilst at the same time, plunging her fingers deep in the other pussy. Both women began to shake and tremble as they were nearing orgasm. "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" was a load scram followed by another as both women sprayed warm cum all other Chantelle's face and body.

What started off as a daring strip tease ended up being a wild orgy.


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