A Helping Hand - Erotic Story

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Mandy has always been a shy person, but with a wild side to her personality. At 27 this English blonde beauty found her perfect job as a personal assistant at a record label company. She has always been a very driven individual and was degree educated to the highest level. She was a busty student escort in her final year to help her through university. She quit when she got her first job. Her ambition was to one day get into music management. This was her big opportunity and her foot in the door. However, what always made her feel conscious was her huge natural 36FF boobs. Talk about getting her foot through the door, she couldn't get one breast through it. She found that guys only wanted to go out with her because she had big tits. It was like a fetish for them. She lost count the amount of times former boyfriends had "motor-boated" her tits of jizzed on them. She was surprised her boobs didn't smell like cum the amount of times guys had ejaculated over them. She liked to ride guys and have them look at her huge 36FF bouncing and crashing around into each other. Just before they where about to cum, she leapt off, grabbed their cock and put it between her huge breasts and gave them a 'tit wank'. She used to laugh at the fountains of cum they sprayed high into the air as they moaned loudly with delight It was her first day on the job and her boss was known to be a bit of a ladies man. For 52 years old he looked very handsome. Mandy was dressed in a a very tight turtle neck jumper but her boobs where trying to burst out. Every guy in the office just stopped and stared open mouthed in amazement. Her boss stumbled over his words as he greeted Mandy. He was wearing loose fitting trousers but as soon as he saw her huge cleavage he got a rock hard erection. He was holding a folder and immediately tried to hide his erection with it. Mandy was a very professional and driven lady. As she was taking notes for her first day at work, she noticed her boss was finding it hard to concentrate. He was talking to her but there was no eye contact. His eyes were fixated on her huge natural 36FF boobs.

Mandy was liking her job and had been there for two weeks. She had did so many coffee and lunch runs that she had lost count. She had to put up with a group of builders on the way to where to get lunch. They would whistle at her and shout 'get your tits out for the lads'. She secretly liked the attention and today her wild side got out. She decided to take her bra off in the toilet at her office. On her way to get coffee when the builders started whistling, she lifted up her blouse and unleashed her huge 36FF boobs. This led to a loud cheer and even one guy got so horny from the experience he rushed to the building site toilet to have a wank. He erupted in about 30 seconds of wanking as he had the image of Mandy's huge tits in is mind. When she got back to the office she had a big smile on her face. That rush of adrenalin had made her feel so confident and sexy. Her wild side had come out to play. Her boss was happy to see her and said that they had to work late to help plan a work function as their overseas clients were coming over. Working late into the night it was a hot evening. The air conditioning kept stopping and it was so warm. Hour by hour Mandy had to loosen a button. Her boss would sneak a look as it was a slow unraveling of her 36FF breasts. It got to a stage where Mandy was getting so hot she turned to her boss and said, "look I have to take my top off". Her boss didn't refuse and Mandy took off her blouse to reveal her massive cleavage. They had bounced around as her blouse fought to get over those two mountains of breasts.

Mandy was feeling very horny and her boss had such a rock hard erection is was starting to feel uncomfortable in his tight jeans. Mandy walked over to him and slid her hand over his bulging erection. She started to slowly caress his groin and he closed his eyes and starting moaning in delight. Mandy undid his zip and his rock hard cock sprung out to attention. She grasped his cock in both hands and slowly started to tug away. Each tug of his foreskin sent ripples of sensual sensations through his body. She reached into her bag and took out some massage oil. She poured it all over her tits and placed his hard cock in between them She began to furious tug at his cock that nestled in between her 36FF tits. They where bouncing and slapping into his cock and he couldn't take it no more. He let out a huge moan and spurted thick cum high into the air with a big blob landing on Mandy's tits and slowly began sliding down them. She had giving him a much helping hand in more ways than one.


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