An Expensive Ride - Short Erotic Story

*Please note - Remember all our escort stories are fictitious and do not represent any escort or escort service represented by the agency. Our stories are erotic fiction at its best and not just a collection of mind numbing sex stories; they are very creative.


Roger was a marketing manager and often had to go away on business. He had to travel at really early times and be gone for weeks. Being married didn't;t help his stress levels. His wife always complained about them not spending enough time together. She also had a very demanding job, which meant sometimes she to was away. They were like passing strangers in the night on most days. They had a new next door neighbour. A very busty blonde lady, who Roger often gazed at at a mesmerising fashion. His wife caught him now and again watching her as she watered her plants in the garden. She was so busty. She had this big juicy tits that wobbled about wherever she walked. Roger's wife was so jealous of her, but trusted him to do nothing more than watch. He was hardly the affair type, she thought.

Then one day when Roger was working from home, he heard several rings of the door bell. It was his neighbour, the sexy busty blonde from next door. They had never formerly introduced themselves to each other. Just the odd smile and wave. She said "Hello, my name is Gemma", as she clutched two bottles of red. Roger invited her in. She then said get the wine opener. Roger was a bit taken aback. There she was just introducing herself, with two bottles of very expensive red wine. They sat down at the dining table and he got out 2 glasses. They had some wonderful conversation and Roger was so astonished to find that she was very affluent and intelligent. She had her own company and was very knowledgeable about the business world. Roger felt so bad for having this preconception of her being this blonde airhead. Gemma often was a VIP blonde London escort covering central London and also Chelsea / Hampstead. However she did not let Roger know. That was her secret. She was a very expensive escort and provided companionship from £500 per hour.

They had drank the two bottles after lots of interesting conversation. Roger had not at much that day and the wine went straight to his head. Gemma was sitting there in these very tight jeans shorts and she had a very low cut white top, with her 34DD breasts just bulging out of them. Roger was so turned on he had and erection. He got up to get a bottle of whisky but forgot he had this huge erection bulging from his trousers. Gemma was really aroused as she saw this and got up and slid her hand all over his huge bulging erection. Roger was really turned on and they started to passionately kiss. Her warm hands gliding all over his throbbing cock, as she stroked, left, round, up and down his trouser crotch. She then slowly undid his zip and boxers buttons and his big throbbing cock sprang out. Gemma then spat a big gulp of spit onto it and then slowly edge her mouth, inch by inch over his throbbing penis. She slowly slid her lips, back and forth, back and forth; gliding her warm spit all along Roger's shaft. Roger was in ecstasy. Then Gemma told Roger to lie back on his passageway floor. She then mounted her warm, wet pussy and descending inch by inch on his dick. She began to ride and bounce up and down, taking all the length of his long shaft. Her 34DD boobs crashing about into each other and her face. Roger was fixated on her juicy big tits bouncing around and smacking into each other. She pumped and bounce and rode away on his dick like a porn star. It was getting too much and he could feel his cum building up. Bounce, bounce, bounce, slap slap slap went her tits. Roger was nearing climax. Then all of a sudden his wife entered through the front door in one quick motion of the key. Roger was over the edge, he couldn't stop the climax. "Aghhhhhhhh" he groaned in pleasure and dismay, as he pumped a huge load of cum up Gemma's pussy. His wife just stood there very shocked. Then she left slamming the door.

6 months later Roger is getting used to the single life. She field for divorce almost straight away. He lost the house, the divorce bill was massive. He never saw Gemma again. That was one really expensive ride. Even though it was the ride of his life, it cost him dearly his liaison with that London escort.


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