Big Plumber's Tool - Erotic Story

*Please note the following erotic escort story is fiction. It does not represent any escorts or escort services that First Cal Escorts showcase.

The Story:

Kandy was a stunning blonde escort in Watford with huge 34DD breasts. She was one of the most beautiful escorts in Hertfordshire and loved to stay in perfect shape. Like the top escorts in Hertfordshire she lived in a very big luxurious home and loved the finest things in life. Today, however she woke up to the sound of gushing water. She felt really horny when she woke up, so she got her dildo out and began plunging it deep inside her pussy. She was feeling very horny and was about to cum, when she got disturbed by the gushing of water. She leapt up out of bed very horny, unfulfilled and frustrated. She ran into the kitchen to see a big pool of water and more water gushing from under her sink. She quickly found the Yellow Pages and dialled a plumber. Any would do, she wanted this sorted and felt pissed off that she was about to cum.

Her doorbell rang and she answered the door. Stood there was a tall, handsome young plumber. Model looks, the type you would find on one of those "Diet Coke Break" adverts. Kandy welcomed him him and drew a cheeky smile as she closed the door. They went into the kitchen and he assessed the work. Lucky I have the right tools for the job. "I bet you do" Kandy cheekily replied. the plumber got down to work and Kandy sat on her kitchen stool staring at his ass. To her, she had never seen such a sexy ass on a man before. Kandy was so horny and began flirting with the plumber. He was so shocked to how beautiful she was. She was only dressed in a nightgown, that seemed to get more open and looser each time he turned round to talk to her. Then when he turned round to ask her a question, Kandy slipped off her gown and went "Ooops". She was there naked. Her 34DD breasts looked so plump and juicy. Her perfectly shaped body was making the plumber's heart beat so fast and intensely. "I bet you have a big tool" Kandy said. "I need servicing - something to plug by hole" Kandy said sexually. In no time at all they leapt into each others arms and were kissing wildly and passionately. Kandy ripped off his jeans and slid his boxers off. She was right, the plumber was hiding a big tool A very big dick. She gobbled up his huge cock taking it balls deep into the mouth and throat. Her lips salivating over his huge, rock hard dick. She sucked it inch by inch, faster and faster.

Then the plumber turned Kandy over and slid his huge dick into her pussy. They moaned together as he entered her. He plunged his dick deep into her pussy. Kandy was feeling every inch of his huge cock. She clawed at his back in sexual excitement. Biting her lips each time his huge dick went deep inside her pussy. Kandy was so horny from before and the plumber was beyond horny. Kandy le out a huge scream and lashings of hot, female cum erupted over his cock. By now the plumber couldn't keep it in any more and pulled out his huge dick and blew a massive load of hot cum all over Kandy's face and 34DD breasts.

They had forgotten about the leak. At least the plumber got to do some plumbing of his own.