Bikini Model Madness - Erotic Story

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Susan is a stunning 25 year old English blonde who moved from Yorkshire to live in London, (the Clapham Junction region). She is part of that trendy rich crowd from a rich family, who want to find out about urban living. She had finished a degree in fashion and during her tie at university had a nickname "dirty bird". That was because she would always go to parties, drink heavily and end up half naked. She as a bisexual lady who had given up on 'sucking cocks' and said she has graduated to 'licking pussy'. She loves the dynamic of a woman's body; her juicy brats and pussy, she finds more appealing. For the past year she has been involved with a guy and a lady at the same time. Neither of them know about each other. Susan feels a bit guilty about lying but she is having the best of both worlds in her eyes. She gets to have her rough, passionate sex with her fireman boyfriend. He loves it when he wears is fantasy fireman outfit and drills her pussy hard fro behind as her 34D breasts bounce and sash into each other, furiously. After a good. hard shag, she will then go an meet her girlfriend, where they plough each other with a double ended dildo. They really plunge that dildo into each other pussy and erupt with earth shuddering, wet, spraying orgasms that half their street can hear. Susan's girlfriend is a Swedish bisexual escort who is so sexy. She has been thinking about quitting escorting to fully commit to a relationship with Susan, as she is always busy. Susan feels a bit sad at being dishonest to her as she also has a boyfriend. However she just can't give up having passionate times with a guy. With all the humping she is doing, she needs to stay fit and she does. Regular visits to the guy as well as doing pilates and yoga, keep her in tip tip shape. Her other passion in life is beach volleyball. She is very good and hopes one day to play professionally. Well she certainly likes to travel to Brazil and the USA for holidays and play in amateur beach volleyball tournaments. The sunshine glistens against her bronzing skin and it certainly brigs all the guys to her volleyball matches. Her slim, tight figure, huge 34D natural bust and perfect shaped bottom make her one sexy English bikini babe. At one stage she thought it could be a laugh to form an escort duo with her girlfriend. However beach volleyball and other commitments got in the way.

She certainly gets a lot of female attention as well as male. Other female beach volleyball players think she is the hottest lady they have ever met. When Susan takes an outdoor shower on the beach, these ladies always try to get a sneak glimpse of more of her body. After this recent tournament, she and the players decided to go out for a night out. Thy all got dressed up and looked glamorous. They decided to go to some very lively lesbian friendly bars. Susan's girlfriend had not travelled with her. Susan had recently broken up with her boyfriend, but she had met a very muscular football player with a huge 9 inch cock. She felt so tired in her last match as she had been up all night fucking him. She took all 9 inches deep inside her, each inch spreading her pussy wider and wider. Before he was close to having an orgasm she slid off his dick and shoved it deep in her throat as he pumped a huge load of cum down her throat.

Anyway the night was in full swing and all of the had done loads of vodka shots. They decided to raise money for a worthwhile charity, they would all do a calendar. They would dress up in their bikinis and it would be like they were models for the day. Everybody was so hyped up about doing a calendar. They went to the most VIP nightclub and danced the night away. Susan became very attached to a stunning Russian model who really had the hots for her. They danced in a very raunchy and provocative fashion, as they starred lovingly into each others eyes. They began to passionately kiss; their tongues wrestling for sexy dominance with each other. They fumbled their way into the toilets where they crashed through a cubicle and locked the door. The Russian babe removed her thing then held each side of the cubicle walls and spread her legs. Susan pushed her tongue deep into her pussy. Circling it around deep inside; the Russian lady was moaning with passion. Deep strokes of her tongue was so intense the Russian lady grabbed Susan's head and pulled it towards her as she let out and almighty scream. She was gushing warm spurts of cum all over Susan's face.

At this time unrealized to the pair, much of the group had been outside giggling. They were very horny indeed. Many had just thrown on a dress over their beach volleyball bikini. They decided to all strip don to their bikinis and take a 'selfie' photograph. The atmosphere was wild and they knew it was a picture that would live fond in all their memories. Well they all decided to go back to the Russian model's luxury apartment to carry the party on. She decided to open some bottles of champagne. She started to poor it over everybody's breasts. All the ladies whipped off their bikini tops and a mass orgy of fondling and kissing. Oh yes the box of sex toys came out. Huge dildos, vibrators, strap-ons.... everything. Susan kneeled down as the Russian lady slid the hug strap on dildo into her wet pussy. The Russian lady slid the dildo deep into Susan's pussy. In front of Susan was a very busty Brazilian brunette. She laid down with her legs spread open. Susan arched her head and neck down; licking the Brazilian beauty's pussy rapidly. Each thrust of the dildo in her pussy, catapulted the momentum of her tongue strokes into the pussy of the Brazilian babe. The thrusts were becoming too deep and too rapid for Susan to hold on any longer. She let out a huge moan "AGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" and loads of pussy juices flew everywhere in a big orgasm. The Brazilian lady was at the height of sensual pleasure and screamed as a load of warm cum sprayed all over Susan's face. This beat playing beach volleyball.


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