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Pauline was a successful businesswomen who lived in Battersea. Recently engaged to her city banker boyfriend she was the envy of her friends. However she had a few secrets that would astonish those who knew her. For the past few years she had tried to fight the feelings of being attracted to women. She had a serious crush on her best friend but revealing that would probably end their relationship and her engagement. She loved the female form and was attracted to women. Her and her fiancee would watch porn together, but she was so turned on by the women in the movies. She even got her fiancee into watching lesbian porn together. He did not suspect anything and thought he was lucky to have such a open minded and sexual partner. Pauline would lay at night fingering herself thinking about having sex with busty women. She got so much more enjoyment out of those fantasies than actual sex from her fiancee.

She decided to book a secret date with a bisexual female escort in Battersea. She just wanted to be in a company of a like minded women, who was a stranger that she could talk to and open up. They met up for a drink and this stunning female companion was like her dream woman. A busty Scandinavian blonde, blue eyed stunner called Erika. Pauline was so turned on by what Erika was wearing. After a few drinks Pauline started to open up about her life and how confusing her feelings were. Erika was understanding and explained she was in a similar position once, but just grew to accept who she was. Pauline was so impressed by Erika's confidence about being bisexual. Erika decided to take Pauline up town to a lesbian bar. Pauline had always wanted to go to one but never had the confidence to. She was feeling very dangerous and excited. She just hoped nobody would recognise her but she was willing to take the chance. When they arrived Pauline instantly loved the vibe. All these sexy lesbian women who were confident, full of energy and having a good time. Erika introduced Pauline to some of her friends. One in particular called Gemma who took an instant liking to her. When the date was over with the Battersea escort, all her friends said why not come along to an after party. Pauline was very honoured that was allowed to socialise with the escort after the date. They ended up at a posh apartment in the Soho. She got talking to Gemma who had shown an interest to her in the bar. After a few glasses of wine they had a dance. The vibe was great. Gemma and Pauline shared a passionate kiss. Erika looked over at Pauline and her friend and gave them a wink. Then Gemma led Pauline into a room hand in hand. They passionately undressed and began to make intense love. Pauline moaned in excitement as Gemma slid her warm tongue in and out of her very we pussy. The deep tongue strokes in her pussy sent sexy shock waves throughout her body. Pauline caressed her breasts and was screaming in excitement. Everybody at the after party had a chuckle as they heard the moans coming from the other room. Pauline could not take it no more and let out a huge fountain of warm, sticky cum all over Gemma's face. She was totally covered. Pauline had experienced the most magical night of her life.


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