Blonde Hottie In Hatfield - Erotic Story

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Susie had just turned 25 when she began to really think about her future. When she was a university she was a bit of a rebel. She earned the nickname 'Susie The Slapper' as she certainly shagged around a lot. She went through her university rugby team in just under two weeks. One night out she actually gave three of them 'blowjobs' in a nightclub toilet. They actually filmed the footage on their mobile phone. Each six foot hunk sprayed their warm cum deep down her throat. Being on camera really turned her on and this blonde even considered down amateur porn for a living. However she got a degree in business and wanted to settle down. She had sent her CV to so many companies but none of them replied back. However she was not going to let that deter her. For six months in the last year of her university degree she even done a bit of escorting. She had this 'girl next door' appeal that many gentlemen admired.

When she graduated she decided to move back to Hatfield. Going to university in London was great. However she had gone a bit to wild in the UK capital. She had saved enough from her bar work to put a deposit down for a flat. Her best friend from 'uni' was Rachel. A stunning brunette with 34DD natural breasts. She was just as bad as Susie and they had even gone into competition to see how many hunky guys they could fuck in a week. They usually ended up swapping guys throughout the night. They ha also enjoyed wild threesomes. They loved it when a guy was fucking one of them from behind, while the other was in front getting her pussy eating out. the amount of times they came together. One occasion saw an earth shuddering simultaneous orgasm. Susie was getting fucked really hard by a very well endowed hunk. He had a 9 inch cock and was fucking her balls deep frantically. Each stroke of his rock hard dick made her moan in delight. She bit her lip every time he went balls deep into her wet pussy. Rachel was knelt down facing away from her. She grabbed onto her perfectly shaped rear and slid her tongue into her pussy. Each lick more intense than the last. The hunk fucking Susie was pumping away hard. Susie couldn't take the sexual pleasure any longer and spayed a warm stream of cum over his dick. At the same time Rachel gushed a massive stream of warm cum all over Susie's face. That was a fuck to remember.

Well they decided to have a flat warming party and invited many of their mates round. Well three women and the rest were men. The party was in full swing and everybody was having a good time. They all did shots of sambuca. One after the other. Rachel was a real lightweight and decided to make the evening more entertaining. She invited the guys to take a nipple shot. That is where she poured sambuca over the tits and they had to lick it off. One by one each guy slurped the sambuca from her boobs. some taking time to suck on those big 34DD breasts. The final guy to take a shot, she decided to whip out his cock. She then placed it between her massive boobs. She then started to give him a tit wank. His dick was getting more and more moist fro the sambuca, that was pouring over her tits. He got an immediate erection. A loud cheer went up and Susie's eyes seem to light up. Rachel clasped each huge 34DD breast in each hand and slid it up and down his cock. It was like she was busty porn star in an award winning scene. He was panting with excitement; each stoke of his cock was drawing him nearer to climax. Susie decided to get in on the action and ordered all the guys to undo their trousers. One by one she lined them up and started to frantically suck their dick. It was now a contest to see who could make a guy cum first. Rachel or Susie. Well Susie was a bit behind and was going all out. She was sucking and tugging on cocks. Spit was flying out of her mouth as she sucked each cock like a power drill. Ramming cocks in her mouth so deep that each guys balls were slapping her chin. One guy was moaning more than most and Susie decided to focus on him. She had is cock half way down her throat and began wanking furiously on it. Rachel was really stepping it up with her tit job and was sliding those big tits up and down that rock hard cock. Each guy was nearing orgasm. Then they gave an almost simultaneous grown. Susie's guy blew a thick wad of cum into her mouth. Rachel's guy blew a huge wad of cum all over her face. They declared it a draw.

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