Body Paint Bonking - Erotic Story

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Sue was so attractive that wives started arguments in public with their husbands, because they would just stop and star at her. Sue is a 27 year old, curvaceous and super busty English babe with a 34DD natural cleavage. Wherever she goes her boobs just bounce, wiggle and shake with every step. It is like they have a mind of their own. Sue graduated from university with a first class degree in psychology, but she decided to do modelling. At 5 ft. 11 she is a tall lady with just such an amazing, slender figure. She has a nice booty and guys with their girlfriends always try to take a sneaky look behind, to catch a glimpse of her ass. Their girlfriends go mad when they catch their boyfriends looking. At the same time they are insanely jealous of Sue because they know they can never look that good. Sue was also approached by model agency representatives wherever she went. However she chose to go down the glamour model route. She actually took up escorting for a while for a top London escort agency. She was part of a busty blonde Central London duo. She got to go to the most amazing VIP parties, restaurants and clubs. However she grew tired of the party lifestyle and wanted to explore new things. She was a very keen comic fan and liked to go around the world to the biggest conventions. She also liked to go to cos play conventions where she would dress up as her favourite character. It is ironic as she used to be a VIP role play escort and sometimes dress up as Catwoman. Now that is remarkable.

Well you know how everybody adores her, she caught the eye of a big events organiser. They where doing a huge promotion and liked to use beautiful women who where dressed in body paint as part of the promotion. The event organiser and promotions team could not sing her praises enough to how beautiful she is. They begged her to come to a meeting and consider being a body paint model for them. Thy also promised her a very sizeable four figure sum advance to join the team of models. She jumped at the chance in her head but maintained a very composed exterior. Sue decided to go to her local gym to do some extra working out to stay in shape. At her local gym guys loved it and hated it when she came. Thy loved it as she is so hot and some liked to watch her on the running machine as her huge 34DD breasts bounced up and down. They hated her her coming because she is so sexy that they all get erections. They find it hard to hide their rock hard boners and get embarrassed. One guy got an erection and was so transfixed watching Sue out, dropped a weight on it. He had to go to the hospital because he dropped a huge set of dumbbells on his erection. Sue was invited to go to her first photoshoot and she was excited. The body painting team were so excited for her arrival. When she got there the other models were shocked how sexy she looked. They were captivated at how shapely her ass was and how perfect her tits were. The guy in charge of painting her body took in a big gulp as he could not hide how horny she was. Sue like the other models had stripped down into just her panties. Those huge, juicy 34 DD boobs just seemed to explode out of her bra, when she took it off. Thy where so gigantic and stood out proud and in a very dominating fashion. There was like this huge silent, telepathic gasp shared by everyone, when those massive tits bounced out of her bra upon removal.

That was it for one model, she said "Fuck It" and went in her handbag and took out her vibrator. She was so turned on by Sue's body that she had got so wet and horny. She plunged the vibrator in her pussy; it slid in a driving glide like fashion, inching in with ease. Everybody was shocked as thy could hear her load moans and the bus of the vibrator. The other models were horny and one knelt down and started playing with the clitoris of the model, using the vibrator. Both of the were moaning and letting out groans and screams of "Oooooooh yahhhhh" and "uhhh uhh uh". The model began to frantically rub the other's clitoris. The guy who was about to apply the body paint couldn't take it and whipped out his rock hard huge cock. The model using the vibrator grabbed his cock and swallowed every inch of it. The guy's eyes rolled back in his head as his cock was balls deep in her throat. Sue was overwhelmed with feeling horny and pushed herself in the mix. She grabbed his cock and placed it in between her huge breasts and started to give him a tit wank. She spat a huge ball of spit onto his cock and began to wank him with her breasts. His foreskin clapping back and fort over the head of his cock; each drag brought him closer to orgasm. The model with e vibrator buried the other models head between her thighs. She felt the tongue of the other model slithering all over her clitoris/. Sue the former busty escort turned body paint model was tit wanking with a sensual fury. The guy dropped his head back and pumped a huge blob of thick salty warm cum on her 34DD boobs. It dripped down those huge tits onto the floor to form a mini puddle. Then a huge scream was it out close by as the model with the vibrator erupted in an earth shuddering orgasm. Sue got body painted; only it was by cum.


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