Docklands Biggest Dick - Short Erotic Story

*Please note - Remember all our escort stories are fictitious and do not represent any escort or escort service represented by the agency. Our stories are erotic fiction at its best and not just a collection of mind numbing sex stories; they are very creative.


Kelly And Sophie used to an escort duo in the Docklands, but they both quit to open their own juice bar. They loved to party together but as they were getting closer to the opening of their business they had to ensure they slowed down on the clubbing, drinking at bars and partying. When they were escorts they partied on a massive scale. they were used to being wine and dined from the most elite and rich businessmen in the Docklands. So this was one last night out for many weeks and they planned to do it in style. They both had very sensual personalities. Both blonde with extremely sexy figures. Men were like putty in their hands. As the evening drew close they were in the spirit to drink and get laid.

They went to all the bars the city bankers flocked to. If they had their huge bonuses the ladies knew that their drinks will be paid for all night. By luck there was a table of bankers all celebrating their huge bonuses. The ladies wasted no time and introduced themselves. The bankers immediately bought he most expensive bottle of champagne. The drinks were flowing and both Kelly and Sophie were getting really flirty. They drank so many glasses of champagne they lost count. They had a nice flat nearby and thought of something really cheeky to do. They turned to all the bankers and said, the two guys who have the biggest dick, that they will give them both blow jobs. Everybody was drunk but they wee up for it. They all made their way, both the ladies and the group of bankers back to the flat.

The men had such wide grins on their faces. The ladies told them to stand side by side and drop their trousers and boxers. They all did. Sophie got our a measuring tape and Kelly had a note pad and pen. Kelly measured each dick one by one. Sophie marked down the length and the girth. The results were in. Taking into consideration both length and thickness they concluded that all5 of the bankers had near enough the same size dick. So all of them would get blow jobs. The two former Docklands escorts got on their knees and began to such and wank off each guy. Sophie was sucking off one bankers and with each hand wanking off the banker either. Kelly did the same, suck off one and wanking the guy either side. The wanking and sucking was getting more faster intense and furious. The three guys that Sophie was tending too all came at once. The banker she was sucking let out a huge moan and burst a hot load of cum into her mouth and down her throat. Simultaneously each banker Sophie was wanking came very hard and sprayed their cum all over the living room carpet leaving very big, wet stains. Kelly by this time had laid down her three bankers who were lying don with dicks up in the air. She was sucking from dick to dick, trying to see which dick would come first. She sucked balls deep on one banker and he let out a huge moan and spurted cum into her mouth. The other two were wanking and and urged frantically for Kelly to suck them off. She sucked from dick to dick, fluctuation 4 o5 5 sucks per dick rapidly. It became a frenzy of switch dick sucking. She was wanking both dicks in each hand and sucking mor frantically The two guys looked at other with a grimace; sweat pouring down their foreheads. Their eyes rolled back and they all gave out huge grunts as they both squirted their loads high into the air, landing on them and one the hair and forehead of Kelly.


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