Euphoric Euston Cum Denial - Erotic Story

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Grace is one of the most beautiful blondes you could ever hope to see. This sexy 27 year old English lady had a very posh upbringing. She had the best education money could buy, but she was a real rebel. She was always getting into trouble and was a very destructive influence on ay friend she had. At 23 she quit a very lucrative job as an exotic dancer to work in the in the city for a new investment firm. It was a shame for all the guys who worked at the investment company, because they adored her. Well they adored looking at her 34GG natural bust as it burst through her tight turtle neck jumper. Many guys would get so horny seeing her they would spend their lunch break jerking off in a toilet cubicle. You would often hear the grunts and groans of them cumming as you walked around the offices. It got so bad that there was actually a rota on what days guys could go and relieve themselves. They were only allowed to wank every other day. Grace heard the rumors and thought it was actually funny. She decided one day to treat these guys to a private show of her fondling her big breasts. So it was arranged for one lunchtime for the guys to come to meet her in the store room. As they arrived, they saw her seated on a big leather swivel chair. She was sitting on the chair with each arm rested on the the chair's armrests. "Glad you could make it guys" she chuckled. Each guy was rock hard as they entered the store cupboard. The managing director was the last to enter the storeroom. He had a furious look on his face. Everybody was really nervous as they thought they would all get fired on the spot. However he barged is way to the front and said "I am the boss , so I am at the front". Grace laughed and said, "get ready for the time of your life".

Grace slowly reached to her waist and slowly pulled up her turtle neck jumper over her head. There was a gasp as they say that she was not wearing a bra. Both of her naturally 34DD breasts crashed against each other as they slowly escaped the tightness of her turtle neck jumper. These two big tits were magnificent. Big, smooth, powerful and very sexy. By now all the guys had rock hard erections. They wasted no time and whipped out their dicks and started to wank. Grace shouted " not yet". She bent down into her handbag and got a big bottle of massage oil from it. She then ordered each guy to lay their dicks side by side on the desk she was sitting behind. She told them to put their hands behind their back. Grace was adamant that at no point were they allowed to touch their dicks. Grace then began to slowly rub the massive oil all over her huge tits. They began to glisten as her hands were in a battle to manoeuvre those huge breasts. Each guy began to get an erection harder than they had ever had before. This was the craziest day they had ever had in Euston ever. Grace continued to massage her breasts; each stroke of her hands gliding over each huge breast. Some guys were struggling not to just break out into a fit of wanking. They were so horny. The managing director was right in the middle of the row of guys with their dicks out on the huge desk. He was licking his lips and a small stream of sweat began to roll down the side of his face. He actually had a date with a Euston escort later that evening, but he was thinking of cancelling. He could only think of the here and now. Grace was urging them to cum. She lifted up each boob and slowly glided her tongue over each nipple. Her nipples were erect and hard. Grace was urging each of them to see if they can cum without touching their dicks. The aim was to see if they could shoot their cum as far as her boobs. Whoever came over her nipples would get a special bonus. Then all of a sudden she stopped. She put back on her turtle neck jumper. They guys started looking at each other in bewilderment. They started pleading with Grace to take her jumper off and get back to caressing her boobs. Grace said that she was getting bored and that she didn't think any of the guys could shoot their load as far enough to splash her boobs.

The managing director took charge and was telling everybody to calm down. He told Grace that even though this situation is the most unprofessional you can imagine, that is there anything he could say to get her to change her mind. Obviously he was trying to be smart in terms of not implicating himself with anything to do with the company. So he could not offer her a pay rise or a promotion. Grace placed her finger under her chin and stared into space as she thought. "What would I like?" she kept repeating to herself. She then came up with an idea. She said that she would only continue if nobody ejaculated. The guys looked at each other in even more bewilderment. The managing director made the call, "OK, we agree". They guys were a bit upset but they knew it was better than nothing. So Grace sat back down and pulled her jumper over her head. Both of her 34GG tits came crashing down again. They dropped down against her chest with such ferocity that each guy felt a shudder of pre-cum advance down their cocks. She began to massage the oil all over her 34GG breasts. She began to moan and caress those tits. Then she put each leg up on the table and began rubbing her pussy. She began to moan and groan with each stroke of her fingers in her. There was panic going around the room as each guys cock began to bulge, rise up and slam back down on the hard oak table. They were fighting not to cum. One guy had streams of sweat coming down his face and each guy was making a series of grunts. One guy said that he couldn't hold it in anymore. The managing director turned to him, beads of sweat flying from his face. He shouted " if you come, then you are FIRED". The guy couldn't take it no more and screamed "I QUIT" and shot a huge wad of cum all over the table with a bit splashing on the abs of Grace. "You missed" she chuckled. Everybody was beside themselves as they knew the rules of the game. Grace was impressed at how long they held out. She told them as a treat that they could all come over her 34GG tits. The guy who came was beside himself for missing out. One by one each guy grabbed his cock and within a few tugs they squirted cum all over Grace's tits. The managing director was the last to cum. He sprayed his cum all over Grace's cum drenched tits. Then he zipped up his trousers and said "Now, Everybody Back To Work".


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