Fantasy Frank - Short Erotic Story

*Please note - Remember all our escort stories are fictitious and do not represent any escort or escort service represented by the agency. Our stories are erotic fiction at its best and not just a collection of mind numbing sex stories; they are very creative.


Frank was an accountant based in Shoreditch. He lived a very boring life. He was unhappily married and often booked escorts who entertained married men. He just needed the company. His wife was cold, critical of him and never spoke unless to complain. He worked very hard, provided her with a comfortable life but she was unappreciative She spend most of the money on shopping and he felt his life was growing more and more depressing. Everybody saw Frank as a reserved, uninteresting and boring guy. He came to work in the same colour, wore the same tie and carried the same briefcase. He was always on time, always smartly dressed but had no flair to him. However Frank had a wild side to him.

He liked to book fantasy escorts after work to join him for a few drinks and a meal. His wife was always out sopping or drinking with her friends and didn't even bother to call him to say hello. Frank loved to talk about his wildest fantasies with them and he knew he could never open up like this to his wife. He booked a lovely fantasy escort from Shoreditch and they went out for a meal at his favourite restaurant. She was a stunning English lady with blonde hair and dressed very smartly. After a few lasses of wine Frank began to open up. He explained that he had got into the fetish and swinging scene. He had become friends with a swinging couple who lived on his road and they went to private swinging parties. He loved having blindfolded sex with busty women and there was a gloryhole where he would slide his dick in and a mystery women would give him a blowjob. By the end of the evening nobody knew how many people and whom they had sex with. He got a huge erection from telling the story and when he got up he had to use the menu to hide it. After the meal he met up with the swinging couple at their house. As soon as Frank walked in he told them of his sex dinner date where he talked about their escapades. This tuned everyone on and they showed him the new sex furniture they had bought. Frank was so horny and his erect cock was throbbing in his crutch. He couldn't;t take it no more and they strapped him into the sex chair. They put on a porn movie and read him an erotic story as he wanked himself silly. It was all too much for his senses and he blew a huge load all over himself.

The next evening he booked a fantasy duo. He had such a story lined up for them about what went on the previous nigh and all his other fetish fantasies.




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