Friendly Deceit - Erotic Story

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Kim is a 25 year old 34DD naturally busty, petite and sexy Indian lady. She lived a very hidden and two-faced lifestyle. To her parents she was this very sensible, shy and reserved lady, who had dedicated herself to studying. To others she was a very wild lady who liked to drink, smoke (sometimes more than cigarettes - like the green stuff) and she engaged in lots of one night stands. She loved being banged by gangster type men who had huge dicks. Kim had this very urban personality, where she liked to hang around with the so called 'cool' crowd. Well it usually ended up with her being banged really hard from behind. She had a very big, juicy, tight ass that would wobble at the thrust of every deep dick stroke. Guys liked smacking that big juicy Indian ass as they plunged their rock hard dicks deep into that juicy UK Indian pussy. Kim had a best friend whose name is Vikki. They were friends for years and experienced their slutty years together. Many a time they met up with guys and ended up getting their pussy plunged with huge cocks. Whether it was in parks, each others flats, cars, anywhere; they loved getting fucked in earshot of each other. Their screams of sensual delight would sometimes be in sync with each other. They would sometimes be able to catch a glimpse of each others legs in the air frantically moving back and forth. They watched as guys assess frantically bouncing up and down between each others legs. There was one year where they decided for a laugh to join an escort agency in Knightsbridge. They loved to party in all the VIP and lavish clubs. They were not your typical glamour model type style beauty women, but they were hot when they dressed up. Kim was the more outgoing of the two and got talking to this flash socialite type guy. He loved to party and booked party girl escorts in London to join him celebrate a bankers bonus, as he worked in the financial sector. So they decided to become an escort duo. However for some reason Kim used to always get jealous because Vikki used to get so much more attention than she did. Clients liked to take Vikki on luxurious lunch dates but not invite Kim along. Vikki had that amazing personality and that shyness to her that many guys adored.

Escorting did not last that long and soon they both got regular jobs and settled down. Vikki finally meeting her 'now' husband. His name was Neil, a very hard working IT technician. A guy with a great sense of humour and also very handsome. All the ladies loved him. He had only eyes for Vikki which made Kim very jealous. They didn't mind hanging out all together and Neil always made sure that Kim and Vikki got to spend time together. He also made Kim feel like she never got in the way. they all like to hang out with each other and there was a friendly vibe, but tension not known to Vikki or Neil. Kim had her eyes set on Neil. She fantasized running her fingers across his muscular body. She would sometimes get so horny around him that she would make her excuses and leave. When she got home she would take out her vibrator and plunge it deep inside her pussy, while rubbing her clitoris frantically. She squirted her pussy juices everywhere. Kim was in two minds whether or not to tell Neil how she felt, just to get it off her chest. Kim had drank a bottle of wine and was quite sad. She decided to give Neil a call. When he answered he was quite concerned because she sounded quite tearful. So he decided to go to her flat to check she was OK. However this was all part of Kim's plan. All she wanted that night was Neil's dick deep in her pussy. Kim didn't care about her friend Vikki. Lust had taken over and she wanted to fuck her best friend's man all over the place. Kim's doorbell rang, she took a deep breath and slowly walked up to answer her door. As soon as he opened the door, Neil's expression turned to one of total shock.

Kim had answered the door in the sexiest lingerie imaginable. Her 34DD natural boobs just busted out. Both glistened with the light sweat of nervousness that Kim had. Automatically Neil got the most rock hard erection he had ever had in his entire life. Kim noticed that; Neil noticed she noticed it. They both nervously walked into Kim's living room. Neil cleared his throat and said look I was very concerned for you. That is why I came over as you sounded so upset. He tried his best to not look at Kim as her boobs were burst out and her lingerie was thong-like. Kim walked up to Neil slowly and rubbed her hands over the crotch of his jeans. She slid her fingers over every hard inch of his cock. Neil gasped silently and inwardly as Kim slid her hands over his rock hard penis. She unbuckled the belt on his jeans and slowly undid the button. as she slid the top of his jeans down and his boxer shorts, his rock hard cock sprung out like a jack in the box. She bent down and her head at ninety degrees slowly devoured his cock inch but spit drenched inch. Neil let out a huge groan of sensual delight, "Uuuughhhhhhhh", as Kim slowly glided her big juicy lips from balls to tip, along his rock hard cock, back and forth. She then motioned Neil onto her living room carpet where she got on top of Neil and let loose her juicy 34DD natural Indian boobs. They were glistening with sweat and sensual desire. She put his rock hard cock between and slowly started to wank and them with her boobs. Her mouth in a vice like grip around the head of his cock, sucking the tip as her juicy tits 'wanked' his cock frantically. By This time Vikki (who had a key to Kim's flat) let herself in to check to see if Kim was OK. As she walked t the door of the living room, she watched in horror as her best friend was giving her husband the most intense tit wank and sucking she had ever seen. Neil did not notice her but Kim and Vikki's eyes met. Vikki stood there in shock and Kim was slowly sucking tightly sucking Neil's cock. With every gobble of his cock Kim stared deeply into Vikki's eyes. Their eyes never left each others intense stare. Neil was moaning and grunting with increasing frequency. He said " I am going to cum" and Kim lowered her mouth balls deep on his cock. Neil let out a gigantic groan as he pumped clumps of warm, salty thick cum up the throat of Kim. Her eyes rolling to the back of her head as a jet stream of cum lashed the back of her throat and came out of her nostrils. As Neil panted and regained his breath he turned around and saw in horror the blank look of anger on his wife Vikki's face. Kim sat there with Neil's cum dripping from her mouth and chin. They had betrayed Vikki in the worst way possible.


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