Fruity Francesca - Erotic Story

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Francesca always wanted to be a star. She had borderline talent, but she always wanted to be famous. Today you can say we live in a fame hungry society. The reality star seems the easiest path to being famous. However every single reality show Francesca applied for she never got through to the next stage. This left her very disheartened. She tried everything to become famous. She could not sing or dance; she had limited acting skills. However she was so fucking pretty you would not know where to put your eyes when you saw her. She tried being a glamour model. She even enhanced her breasts to a 34DD. She did the whole 'lads mags' and even got into a top publication. However believe it or not it was a job that didn't really pay well. She soon realized money was tight and a friend through modelling said she should do escorting. So she approached an agency local to her. They were amazed with her beauty. She already had professional pictures through her glamour modelling career. Francesca soon become one of the most popular busty escorts in Wanstead. Everyday there were so many enquiries fro very rich gentlemen and also ladies who wanted to date her.

She got to go to the most exciting places. She had never been to the opera before but a a wealthy businessman would always take her every month. From dining at the most prestigious restaurants to going to all the most exclusive parties - she was living the high life. However there was a void in her life; an emptiness. She wanted to have all this, be famous and be recognised for being her. As an escort she had a different name t her real one. Even though she got to lead a glamorous lifestyle, to her it was still all fake. She wanted it all. She was a very savvy lady and always tried to ask and manoeuvre her conversations towards possibly getting a big break in showbiz. She had mad many contacts through being an escort. Enough to see if she could pursue her dream of being famous. So she decided to quit being an escort and she got a job at a juice bar. What a major change that was, but she wanted a more slow paced life. Nothing is more relaxing than serving fruit juices and 'smoothies' all day. Sometimes she did get bored and to spice things up she would give her very handsome Italian colleague a fruity 'blowjob' in the storeroom. Each day she would pour a smoothie over his 9 inch cock and slowly start to lick it off. She would suck his cock balls deep down her throat so his penis head would be playing tonsil tennis. Then she would grab is throbbing cock in one hand and dunk it into a big cup of smoothie. Then repeat the process of slowly licking all that fruity goodness of his huge cock. Her mouth full of smoothie and cock, she would frantically slurp and suck his cock, until he let out a huge loud, moan of an orgasm and pump lots of milky protein down her throat. She would joke at each 'cumshot' as it had a different fruity flavour to it, depending on what flavour of smoothie she decided to dip his cock in.

After locking up one night her Italian hunk of a colleague called Marco, suggested some more fruity play. They began to kiss passionately. Their tongues wresting with each other and their saliva guiding their erotic power with such intensity. Marco grabbed Francesca's huge 34DD boobs and instantly got a rock hard erection. He wanted to repay the oral favours he had been receiving. He slid down Francesca's g-string, to reveal a very wet pussy. She had a 'Brazilian' down there; it looked like a piece or art. He poured smoothie drinks all over her clitoris and began to lick her 'clit' up and down and swirl his tongue around in circles. The salty yet sweet fruitiness of her pussy fizzed on his tongue as he slid it deep into her pussy. Francesca, let out a huge groan of sexual satisfaction as she grabbed and squeeze her breasts at each stoke of Marco's tongue. She snarled at him "fuck me, FUCK ME HARD". So Marco turned he round on all fours and slid his huge 9 inch cock into her very wet, fruity pussy. He pumped away with his huge, hard cock deep into her pussy. As every inch slid inch she bit her bottom lip that bit harder. Her to boobs were bouncing and crashing around into each other. She was reaching orgasm and let out a huge moan as a warm salty gush of cum flew out of her pussy all over Marco and his cock, dripping down his balls. He then tuned her around and began to tug fast at his cock. Francesca put her wet, big juicy tongue out. Marco let out a huge moan and sprayed a huge clump of cum onto her tongue. It oozed out creating a huge mound of salty, wet, creamy goodness on it.

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