Fulham Escort Duo Seduction - Erotic Story

*Please note the following erotic escort story is fiction. It does not represent any escorts or escort services that First Cal Escorts showcase.

The Story:

Jasmine and Tara were a sexy escort duo from Fulham - the best Fulham escorts in the capital! Both Brazilian escorts, busty, curvy and very raunchy personalities. Jasmine was very wild and she had men falling at her feet with her intense beauty. Tara was more shy; her warm smile lighted up any room that she walked into. After a VIP dinner date in Fulham with a wealthy millionaire tycoon, they both decided to go back to Tara's luxury apartment in Fulham. They both sat down on the sofa and talked about the wonderful VIP dinner date they had been to. The restaurant was so lavish and the cuisine amongst the finest they had tasted. They decided to open up a nice bottle of wine; soon that bottle had finished and they opened another.

Soon they had gone through 4 bottles of wine and felt rather tipsy. They were both giggling and were really having the best time. Then Tara put her glass of wine down on the table and gazed into Jasmine's eyes. "I have a confession" Tara smiled. "I have the biggest crush on you and I really love your body .. all of it" she said nervously. Jasmine was taken aback as there had been no indication of this. To her, they were just the VIP escort duo who loved going on dinner dates, socialised outside that a bit, but Jasmine had a boyfriend. Jasmine did not what to say, but the more Jasmine looked into Tara's eyes, the more an intense wild passion built up inside her. This intense passion built to a point where any next action would be one of explosive sexual energy. That sensation trickled throughout her and stimulated her clitoris. She could feel herself getting very wet. Yes, the sexual tension was at a peak and the drop would be a big one. So making sure this moment lasted as long as it can, every thought and every movement was more sensually intense. Jasmine knew there was no turning back. It was now or never to take it to the next level.

Jasmine was fixated on the huge 34DD bust of Tara. Tara put a whispering finger onto her mouth and lent in and kissed Jasmine. Her warm lips caressed the mouth of jasmine. They began to kiss deeply, passionately; their tongues eloping and sliding over one another. Tara began to slip her hands into Jasmine's panties. Her fingers sliding down reaching the clitoris. She began to slide her fingers over it and deep into her pussy. Jasmine let out a huge groan of sexual pleasure as she lay back on the sofa, writhing in passion. Tara slid down Jasmine's panties all the way down to her ankles and slipped them off. She slid seductively upwards to Jasmine's pussy. Tara's warm tongue entered Jasmine's pussy. It slid like silk, in and out, in long deep strokes. The thrusts of her tongue got more intense, deeper, faster and wild. All of Jasmine's pussy juices began to slither over Tara's tongue. Tara's head bobbing back and forth as the intense licking motion began to get more rapid. Jasmine was howling in sexual passion, she could feel this intense rush of sexual pleasure flowing through her body and pussy. Jasmine gripped both sides of Tara's head, moving it in motion back and forth in tune to the slobbering licks of Tara's tongue on her pussy.

Jasmine began to lick faster and faster. Jasmine was groaning in total pleasure. "Faster, faster, oooooh faster" Jasmine cried, as the licking motion was becoming more frantic...

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH AAAH AHHHHHHHHHHHHH" Jasmine cried as a huge gush of warm cum sprayed out of her pussy down Tara's throat and splattering onto her face. Tara looked up in a wild, cheeky, smile; her face dripping with Jasmine's warm cum.

They had just about time to get ready and cleaned up as they were booked for a escort duo weekend away to Paris, as part of their international escort service. These Fulham escorts had a very wild time indeed.


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