Lesbian Lap Dance - Short Erotic Story

*Please note - Remember all our escort stories are fictitious and do not represent any escort or escort service represented by the agency. Our stories are erotic fiction at its best and not just a collection of mind numbing sex stories; they are very creative.


Sophia was a very successful businesswomen. She had two thriving businesses and had all the things money could by. She lived in a big house in Ascot and even owned a few horses. She loved to work hard but play harder. She had just finished a four year relationship with a business executive. He wanted her to move to London but she liked her life too much in Berkshire and worked too hard to give it all up. The breakdown of her relationship hit her harder then she thought. She spent lots of nights drinking and she would often use her vibrator in the evenings to achieve earth shuddering orgasms. One of her closest friends, Heather, was one of her partners in one of the companies. She knew Sophia had become a bit of a recluse and wanted her to start having fun again. So she invited her around for an evening.

They drank wine, laughed, ate chocolates and had a good moan about life. Then suddenly there was a knock on the door. Heather was not expecting anybody. she got up and answered it and there standing was a sexy Indian lady with huge boobs. Oh no, Heather had forgotten that she had pre-booked a visiting lesbian stripper. Sophia was curious to what was going on and got up and went to the door. Heather decided to invite the stripper in. Sophia said aren't you going to introduce me then. The stripper's name was Jess (a former escort) and she had an amazing 34DD cleavage. She was wearing a leather jacket and very low cut revealing top, plus a very short miniskirt. Heather turned round to Sophia and said. I have a confession. I have been exploring the other side to my sexuality. She then went on to explain after they shared a drunken kiss together at one Christmas party she started to get lesbian feelings and that she put it to one side. Sophia remembered the kiss. They had drank so much champagne and then went back for some coffee. then in the kitchen they started to giggle, then there was silence then there was a long lingering kiss. However she put it down to being so drunk and it was never mentioned again.

Heather booked this visiting lesbian adult entertainment service as she was growing more and more attracted to women and wanted to see if the attraction was real. Jess at this stage was fascinated by all the revelations but was not sure if she was to stay or go. Sophia said, well seems you have gone to all this trouble then I might as well stay for the show. They both sat down on the sofa and Jess put some music on. She began to slowly undress. She had an amazing body. Her juicy, bouncing Indian breasts glistened as she started to pour oil all over it. She caressed each breasts slowly, licking the nipples of each one he fondled. Sophia was amazed and became really turned on. By this time she began to hear faint panting. Heather had her fingers deep in her panties, playing with her clitoris and sliding fingers deep in her pussy. She writhed about on the sofa, biting her lip, making slow, deep sensual moans. Sophia was really turned and Jess was almost naked, apart from the black, lace thongs she had on. She encouraged Sophia to slide them down. Sophia sensually slid Jess' thongs down, till they reached her ankles. Then Jess slowly eased Sophia back onto the sofa and got on to her lap. She caressed her boobs, and writhed around on Sophia lap. By this time Heather was moaning really loudly. "Ooohhhh. ah, ah ohh" screamed Heather as she watched Jess grind on Sophia's lap. Heather began to frantically rub her clitoris. Jess began to ride and jump up and down on Sophia's lap. Heather could not hold it in anymore and let out a huge burst of clear, warm cum. It erupted out of her pussy like a fountain / waterfall. By this time Jess was so turned on rubbing her own clit on Sophia lap that she let out an almighty scream and floods of cum erupted all over Sophia's crutch.

Sophia sat there in amazement. She was so turned on. Jess got out a huge dildo and threw it Heather. Sophia new the cue and she took of her clothes and bent over the sofa. Heather slid the huge dildo into Sophia's pussy Sophia gasped as it tore into her warm, wet pussy, so deep. Heather went to work, thrusting this huge dildo into Sophia while Jess got out more oil and rubbed it over her juicy Asian breasts. Deeper and deeper went the dildo as Sophia watched Jess rub and caress her breasts. It was all too much for the senses of Sophia and she let out a huge scream and gushes of cum erupted all of the living room carpet. An innocent lesbian lap dance from a former escort had turned into a full orgy.





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