Luscious Luton Ladettes - Erotic Story

*Please note - Remember all our escort stories are fictitious and do not represent any escort or escort service represented by the agency. Our stories are erotic fiction at its best and not just a collection of mind numbing sex stories; they are very creative. ADULTS ONLY STORIES!!!


Charmaine and Gail where two 25 year old ladettes. They loved to drink and party; living life to the full. They met at university an hit it off one day when they did a topless prank on their campus. They both knew that they were wild and that their personalities matched. They joined a Luton escort agency and became a really popular escort duo. They didn't join like other women for the money, they just loved each others company and wanted to do something fun together. When they graduated they both quit being escorts, but their wild drunken nights continued. They each had fabulous bodies and DD breasts. They got boob jobs in their final year as a way to cheer themselves up after knowing they had flunked their course. Too much partying and guys.

Out in the big wide world they didn't have aspirations to go and get a job. All they wanted to do was go for wild drunken nights out and see how many guys they could shag. so they had a little competition between themselves to see how many guys they could shag in a month. They both wanted to win and were very competitive. They went out and hit all the trendy bars. all the rich guys flocked to them. On one night they shagged 6 guys between them. They did it being nightclubs, in the toilets, on cars, in cars and even down alleyways. Charmaine came out of one bar only to see Gail bent over a car, Down an alleyway with her knickers around her ankles getting roasted by two well hung guys. They pumped away at her pussy and mouth and both came all over her at the same time. Charmaine thought that Gail was cheating doing two blokes at the same time.

They sat down and had a real heart to heart discussion. They remembered the days on when they were partying so hard in London. They couldn't even recall most of it because they were so drunk. Both ladies always promise that they would not want to bring that same madness back with them to Bedfordshire. However it seems that they did not take their own advice. Charmaine wiped the mouth of Gail lovingly and placed a deep, sensual kiss on her mouth. She could taste the salty aroma of the guy's cock, that had 'spunked' all over Gail's lips. Each tongue stroke being marinated by the cum of that horny guy. There was a deep, loving connection between these two stunners that they both acknowledged. Most of the time it was expressed in a sensual manner. However sometimes they would just gaze into each others eyes and cuddle up.

They met up and decided to hit this party being held by one of their old uni mates. When they arrived the party was in full swing. Charmaine did not waste much time and saw a real hunk standing by the DJ box. She went up to him and began flirting. He was really turned on and she led him by the hand upstairs to one of the many rooms in the house. She knelt down and undid his trouser zip. She then eased out his huge 9 inch cock. It began to throb with excitement. By this time Gail had caught on what was going on and burst into the room. She was holding a bottle of vodka and looking very mischievous. "Get your own bloke" shouted Charmaine cheekily. The guy was turned on and was hoping Gail would join in. She did. She poured some vodka over his dick and began slurping away at it. Charmaine held his huge cock in a fist like fashion and began tugging away as Gail sucked it very sloppily. The guy was in utopia. He could not hold on anymore and spurt a huge wad of cum down Gail's throat. She took a big swig of vodka and they both at down laughing. What a night they had. This former escort duo certainly where living up to being the wildest ladettes in Luton.


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