Maid Up For It - Erotic Story

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Susie was not your typical post-graduate from university. Well she was typical in the sense of she did not know what she wanted to do with her life. However this stunning 25 year old super busty English blonde woman, had so much beauty. Every guy at her university seemed hypnotised with her looks. She liked to go out and party at London's hottest nightclubs. She would get the full VIP treatment and many rich football stars tried to get her number for a date. She tried modelling at the start of her university degree but it did not pay much. Her roommate at the time began escorting. She always told Susie of the crazy, fun times she had being an escort. At first Susie was very skeptical about it, but when she saw how her friend's finances were looking so healthy; she soon changed her mind. She got a computer nerd who lived next door to make her an escort website. Susie was a very adventurous and imaginative woman. She was creative as she was doing a fashion degree. She loved going to parties dressed up and all the guys would drool as she walked into the room. so she decided to really stand out from the crowd in a very busy escort market for independents. She found the perfect niche - uniform escorts. She provided fantasy escort dates dressed as a sexy French Maid. Within a year she became the most popular fantasy escort in Belgravia (where she moved too). While her friend were living in rubbish student accommodation, she could afford a nice flat in Central London. Well Susie's problem was not making money, but spending it. She loved to shop and was used to be taken out by rich gentlemen on shopping sprees. She had a whole collection of luxury gifts that had been bought for her but zero cash.

When she graduated she took some time out and got a regular bar job. She quit escorting as she had grown bored of it. Her and her flat mate where poor in money but rich in excitement. They admittedly drank more than they should over the course of any given week Binge drinking and partying were what they lived for. Susie always became horny after a few drinks and so did her friend. They did not class themselves as bisexual, but when they drank they would fuck each others brains out. They would always go to sex shops and buy sex toys for each other. One time out at a club, they were so much in the mood they 'fucked' each other with a double ended dildo. They were in the club toilets in a cubicle with legs pinned up against the wall. They stuffed each others panties in their mouths so their screams of sexual pleasure could not be heard. Their wet pussies glided with an intense force down the double ended dildo. Susie would get her legs really high to get leverage so she could ram that dildo deep into her friends pussy. They rammed that dildo deep into each others pussy, rocking their bodies back and forth. They came in unison with earth shattering orgasms. The dildo lodged deep in their pussies as juices flowed down it onto the toilet floor. They pout their panties back on and went back to the action in the club. They were both really feeling the music, the atmosphere and of course two hunks who were given them the eye. Susie went up to on of the hunks and whispered in his ear,"come back to mine and fuck me raw". Well the guy did not need a second invitation and winked at his mate. All four of them headed back in a cab back to theirs. The taxi driver nearly ended throwing them out as all four of them were practically fucking in the back of his cab.

As they got to Susie and her friends flat, she immediately put some music on. She ran to he kitchen cupboard, got out a big bottle of vodka and four glasses. They all started doing shots of vodka and playing sexual drinking games. Susie wanted to spice things up and quickly went to her room to get changed. When she cam back in the living room were they all were, she was dressed in her fantasy French Maid uniform fro her escorting days. She had not worn it for such a long time as she quit being an escort. Well she had pulled such a sexy hunk and wanted to really turn them on. Then Susie's friend came up with a crazy sex game. They would have a blowjob competition. The first to suck off their guy to cum, then spit it into the shot glass would win. The loser would have to down the cum. Well Susie never backed down from a challenge no matter how crazy it sounded. Well they wasted no time to get going and their hunks were on the sofa with their trousers and boxers round their ankles. Susie's hunk had a huge 9 inch cock. It was so rock hard; her was obviously turned on by her juicy 34DD breasts. Susie wrapped her warm lips around his cock head and then engulfed her throat down his cock. She rammed it slow and hard down her throat. The guy dropped his head back and let out a huge groan of pleasure as Susie began slowly sucking him off. Susie's friend opted for a different approach as was frantically sucking the other guys cock. Her head bobbing up and down frantically as she 'wanked' and sucked his dick at the same time. She then stopped and spat a huge wad of phlegm on his cock to give it more lubrication. Susie's slow deep and long strokes of his cock down her throat made her hunk shudder. Each slow suck made his muscles tense up even tighter. She then went all the way, balls deep so her nose was on his chest. She held that position for around 8 seconds. H could not take it, let out a massive groan of sexual pleasure and pumped a huge wad of cum down her throat. She nearly gagged as the huge load filled up her throat. She jolted up and caught the load with her hand covering her mouth. She than spat it in her shot glass. Seconds later her friend made the other guy cum. He pumped a thick wad of cum into her mouth. She spat it out in her shot glass. Even though it was a bet, Susie was a good sport. They both picked up the shot glasses full of hot, wet, sticky, thick cum. They both said "bottoms up", then downed it.

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