My Mayfair Madness - Short Erotic Story

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It was my friend birthday and he was having it at his cousin's pad in Mayfair. Very posh. Most of his other friends in my opinion were idiots. They lived of daddy credit cards and never made anything of themselves. They liked to moan about society even though they had never contributed to it. My friend Karl, whose birthday it was had rich family but was very down to earth. We got on great. His cousin was Michelle. All on the down low I had found out that she was a top VIP escort in Mayfair. She wore wigs and stuff and now many people knew about it. I was like ha ha I got one up on you. I always felt she looked down on me.

As the party got into full swing the safest bet was to grab a drink, try and look interested and if anybody came over to speak just nod the head, with short one word answers. Oh no, Michelle was coming over. Yeah she was stunning. 34DD breasts that every guy in here was looking at, but to me a stuck up bitch. I did the head nodding and one word answers. I was thinking great she would go away soon. Then she said, if I would like to come to her room because the present she promised me for my birthday was there. Yeah, i thought a boring designer jumper; maybe a dig at my unfashionable, lower income clothing.

As we entered the room, she closed the door quickly and pounced on me. I was thinking what ... hey... She began to undress and was ripping my clothes off. I didn't;t like her but yes I would shag her brains out. I didn't need a second invitation. I bent her over and whipped out my 10 inch cock. She was amazed to how big it was. I bent her over and slid my huge cock into her warm pussy. She gave out a huge gasp of sexual pleasure as inch by inched muscled into her pussy. I pumped away at her pussy. She held on tight to her cabinet as I pumped away. She ass cheeks rippling with every thrust of my cock. I was pumping and pumping and pulling her hair. she was screaming for me to fuck her harder. I pumped harder and harder. I was going to cum. I turned her around and then burst a huge load of cum on her forehead.

I then turned to her and said, Where is my bloody birthday present?" She looked confused. I got dressed and walked out. She was a good fuck but still a stuck up cow. I wonder if anybody else knew she was a VIP escort in Mayfair. I might have to drop that in conversation next time I am round for Sunday dinner.