My Naughty Secret - Erotic Story

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My name is Heather and I am a 28 year old English lady with a naughty secret. I am addicted to online porn. I can't really tell you when and how this addiction came about. I was in a 5 year relationship with my former boyfriend and to be honest he dumped me because he said I was boring. That also implied that I was boring in bed. To my horror I came home early from work to see him 'pile driving' his 9 inch cock into my best friend. She was in an upside down position and every inch of his cock plunged deep into her pussy. To my further horror when he noticed I was in the room, he continued to fuck her until he came. She did not know I was in the room because the sex position they were in, she was facing the other way. We never did anything as remotely adventurous when it comes to sex positions as they did. So that hurt just as bad as catching the in the act. When he dismounted her, she realised I was there and burst into tears. I always wondered what the stains were on my living room carpet. Now I know it was is cheating cum. I just did not know how long this went on for and if there were any other women. I was repulsed to what I saw but I later found that fascination had led me into watching online porn. I just wanted to know if there was mor to sex than just the missionary position. I wasn't that creative in the bedroom department and was wondering in all these years have i been missing out. I became quit rebellious after my former boyfriend cheating on me. More and more I was watching porn. I like the gang bang movies where a women would have sex with 3 or 4 guys. I went out a few times with my friends and drunkenly brought guys home for sex. Each time I would try and get them to a position I had seen in a porn movie. Most were up for the idea, however they were no porn stars. I even dated a male model who was also an escort in St Albans. It was interesting learning about all the dates he had been on as well as his escort clients. These were mainly older ladies in their forties who were divorced. I was not even married, let alone divorced, but I felt lonely. I found him boring anyway and he was so into himself. Dating an escort was not for me. My friend introduced us and she has to take the blame for that. He stood e up twice, before I even met her. What was interesting was that when I started talking abut watching online porn, he got quite embarrassed. Well who would have thought a guy would get embarrassed over porn?

I was watching online porn everyday now. Every chance I could I was on my IPad. I loved amateur porn, it felt the most real. I went out to a nightclub and met this lovely chap. When I brought him back to mine I decided to put some porn on. He was quite taken aback. I always wanted to have sex while watching porn. So I undressed into a very revealing lingerie outfit I brought from Ann Summers. I had to bring out the massage oils as I love incorporating them into foreplay. I undid the zip to his trousers and poured massage oil over his cock. I gently massage the oil into his cock. It grew harder and harder. I turned up the volume on the porn DVD. I said I wanted us to both watch it as we got naughty. His cock was fully erect now and I wrapped my warm lips over it. I sucked back on forth, with one eye on the porn and the other on his throbbing big dick. he groaned at each suck and I knew he was ready to blow. I bent over and said for him to fuck me from behind. He slid his huge cock, deep into my pussy. The porn stars on the DVD were really going for it and I said he has to fuck more wild than that. He began to pump away, balls deep into my pussy from behind. He was pulling at my hair and really going to town. Clearly having the porn on the TV was really a big turn on for him. He said he was ready to cum, but I thought, it was too quick. So we switched positions and I got on top. I slowly started to ride his cock. Slowly edging y pussy inch by inch down his cock, then up again. I began to ride with that bit ore intensity. I took my bra off so he can fondle my breasts. They were bouncing around ever where as I started to really pick up the pace. Then I jumped off his cock as I thought he was going to cum. I then began to give him a two hand hand job. I tugged away really slow, each tug brought a loud moan from him. I would introduce small stokes of my tongue onto the tip of his penis. I was tugging really fast now and the porn stars on the DVD were heading for that all important orgasm. He then let out a big moan and spurt his load all of my head. Maybe my online porn addiction was getting the better of me?

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