My Steamy Summer - Erotic Story

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Karen is you typical 25 year old woman with the secretary job in the city to an undeserving boss. She is overworked, never appreciated and very much unsatisfied with her life. Her only sense of fun is going out on a Friday and Saturday night and drinking in as many bars as she possibly can. This is followed by some really dirty one night stand sex and then a Sunday full of regret and a massive hangover. Summer had arrived and one thing about central London is when the sun comes out so do the hot women. Karen is seriously one hot lady. 5 ft. 8 long blonde hair and a firm 34D cleavage. She has a rally sexy body and many guys at her workplace always eye her up on arrival. She had to quit her previous job because she had an affair with her last boss. It wasn't anything too serious. Just mind blowing sex in as many positions as their body allowed. She would give him mind blowing blowjobs under his desk. Nobody would realize as the desk had a big wooden front. One time Karen gave him a 'blowjob' as he was interviewing somebody for a new head of department role. He barely made it through that interview and as Karen's wet tongue slithered all over his throbbing cock, he tried not to cum. When he did cum, he sprayed a huge jet of jizz all over thee desk and over some very important documents. Karen picked up the cum soaked documents and could not savage them. So she speed typed the up with one hand, while the other hand tugged away at his wet cock. Then something crazy happened. His wife stormed in; just at the same time where he came for the second time. It was a mixture of joy and horror for him as Karen tugged out a huge load of cum from his cock. Needless to say she had to quit her job there and then. Her friend who was a formed escort in Euston had many businessmen as clients. That is how she managed to find a new job so quickly as her friend recommended her for an interview. With this new job Karen didn't even need to worry about making the same mistake. Her new boss was very old and not handsome at all.

Karen was a bit of a sex addict and she loved being the centre of attention. She was really trying the limit of how short a skirt she could wear to work. On the way to work there were always builders eyeing her up and giving her a cheer and whistle. She liked the attention and there was this builder that caught her eye. He was a 6ft Italian hunk who went to the same cafe at lunch that she did. Karen although very confident found herself to be very shy around him. She could tell he had a big lunch box. The most they shared was a brief glimpse of ye contact and a smile. Karen wanted more and she got all hot and steamy. She went to the toilets at work and locked herself in a cubicle. The hot summer sun had got to her and she fantasized madly about having hot steamy sex with that Italian builder. She took out her pocket vibrator from her handbag, pulled her panties down to her ankles and slid the vibrator deep into her pussy. She bit her lip and held onto the cubicle wall in an attempt not to scream or make too much noise. The buzz of the vibrator was not loud but her moans were beginning to get louder. She edged her body up from the toilet seat and as the vibrations were making here pussy wetter. She was in such a sensual moment she did not care who heard her moans. However sense prevailed and she stopped her mad moment. However she decided to get some fresh air and take an extra 15 minutes for lunch. However that warm summer breeze brushed against her golden blonde hair and she became super horny. She then saw that Italian builder and she could take no more. She whistled his attention and waved for him to come down. When he did, Karen did not say a word but started snogging thee face off of him. The Italian hunk was surprised but very turned on by it. Karen said that she wanted hi to fuck her so badly. However it was a Friday afternoon and they had just met. and The building site he worked on was enormous and there were areas that were secluded as well as containers that were offices. The Italian hunk ushered her inside the building site away from everybody's attention. He had keys to several units and picked the first key he saw and headed for that unit. Once inside he locked the door behind them. Karen ripped off his T-shirt in one crazy rip. They were passionately kissing each other, ripping the remainder of clothes they had on.

The Italian builder bent Karen over the big wooden desk inside the unit. It was a shame Karen did not have her hard hat on as this was going to be a bumpy ride. He slid his rock hard 9 inch cock into her pussy. She moaned as each inch of cock slid and pushed deeper inside. He grabbed either side of her ass checks and began to pup away vigorously at her pussy. Karen was screaming " harder.. HARDER!!" as her ass shaked and wobbled at the powerful thrusts of his cock. Karen had never had a cock so big and she felt every inch in her stomach. She was getting so wet. The builder had one leg up a chair so he could get ore leverage pumping away at her pussy. Karen was moaning and screaming in pleasure as the whole room shook from the force of them fucking. Karen was nearing an earth shuddering orgasm; she screamed "PUMP MY PUSSY" and then let out a huge cry of sexual happiness as she squirted all over his huge cock. That warm sensation was too much pleasure for hi and he pulled out and then spurted a huge wad of cum all over Karen's perfectly shaped ass. This hot Summer's day really got steamy.

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