Naughty Dinner Date - Erotic Story

*Please note the following erotic escort story is fiction. It does not represent any escorts or escort services that First Cal Escorts showcase.

The Story:

Primrose was a very posh English escort in Bloomsbury. She didn't have time to date due to her escorting work and all her friends were trying to match make her with discerning gentlemen they new. They wanted her to have a boyfriend and not always turn up at parties alone and usually getting drunk. Primrose had a wild and sensual personality. She did intimidate some men with her wild, sensual antics, but Primrose just like having fun. She was a very naughty escort indeed. She loved clubbing it and was one of the most famous central London escorts in the capital. She reluctantly agreed to go on a blind dinner date with a gentlemen her friends had set her up with. Her friends dreaded what would happen as usually she ate men for breakfast. The person on the blind date was Graham. A respected surgeon, divorced for over a year and a very conservative character.

Primrose turned up at the restaurant; a very luxurious top London restaurant that served the best modern European cuisine in the capital. She was shown to the table booked and sat there was Graham. He greeted her warmly, politely, like a discerning gentlemen did. Hew was very shy and began talking about how Primrose's day was. Primrose was already very bored. His voice droned on and was very unexciting. Her naughty thoughts drowned out the words of Graham's boring voice as he went on and on about sustainable farming and the environment. Primrose however wanted to have some fun. She was about to get very naughty.

As the starters were being served Primrose took off her shoe and rubbed it her feet all over the groin area of Graham. Graham had a puzzled look on his face. He did not seem to react straight away. The rubbing was caressing his dick and the top of his balls, up his leg and in between his thighs. He was getting horny but rather embarrassed. Graham was the very repressed male, very formal and did not participate in such frolics. However this was very new to him and each stoke over his balls was making him ready to burst his load into his dinner trousers. The waiter came and took the starters away. As the main course was being served Primrose went underneath the table. The table had a huge table cloth over it reaching all the way to the floor so nobody could see Primrose. Every other diner was so engrossed in their meal they did not see Primrose slip underneath the table. She began to undo Graham's trouser zipper. Graham was saying that he didn't think this appropriate but he was so horny as Primrose slipped his dick into her mouth, she muffled. "ooh yes baby - ooh yes". She began to suck his dick inch by inch sliding it down her throat.

Out of nowhere the Director of Surgery where he worked came over to his table. "How are you Graham" he asked. Graham was startled to see the Director of Surgery. He felt the intense sucking of Primrose's lips sucking his dick underneath the table and was fighting to keep his sexual moans in. "uh, ahh oooh, ah pleased to to see yo" he said. "You don't look so good Graham are you sure you alright" the Director of Surgery said. By this time Primrose was wanking his dick furiously and sucking his penis head with slimy precision. his faced winced as he tried to contain his pleasure. He was pulling really contorted faces and the Director of surgery looked alarmed." My God man are you OK, are you having some form of nervous breakdown? he said puzzlingly to Graham. Graham grimaced even more and began to breath heavily. By this time the waiter had arrived with the main course. "is everything alright Sir?" the waiter asked. ... "I , I I am .... AGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" Graham screamed as he pumped lashings of cum down Primrose's throat. He slumped on the table and the Director of Surgery and the waiter looked at each other in shock. "is it the workload - I know we are being pushed by the boardroom" the Director of Surgery", said to Graham. "No it fucking isn't you giant prick", Graham replied. "I just shot a huge load of my cum under the table and if you please I am going to enjoy my fucking main course." Graham said. It was like he had been liberate. He had found a backbone and unlocked his inner lion.

Primrose emerged from underneath the table. Wiping her mouth and reapplying her lipstick. "ooooh the main course looks lovely, Primrose smiled.




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