Naughty Escort Flatmate - Erotic Story

*Please note the following erotic escort story is fiction. It does not represent any escorts or escort services that First Call Escorts showcase.

The Story:

Gail was a sexy Spanish escort who lived in Bond Street. She shared a luxury flat with her flat mate Karen who was a city professional. It was late Thursday evening and Gail had just come back from a Bond Street dinner date at a top restaurant in the area. Karen was about to watch a DVD and had popcorn ready with an unopened bottle of wine. Gail came in and took of her coat and sat next to Karen on the sofa. They greeted each other tiredly as they both had long days. Karen put the DVD in. As the DVD began to play, scenes of hardcore sex began to pound out of the TV screen. Karen was amazed. "What is this" she said. It looks like her brother had put the wrong DVD in the case when she borrowed it from him the previous night. Gail had a big smile on her face. "Lets watch it anyway" Gail said.

They opened the bottle of wine and sat there and watched. Karen was amazed at the scenes of hot, wild, hardcore sex on screen. She was a bit taken aback by it all as she wasn't one for watching porn movies. Karen could hear a faint noise, faint groan coming from beside her. It became slightly more frequent and louder. She turned round and to her amazement and shock Gail had her hands down her own panties and was playing with her pussy. Karen was wide eyed and shock. "Wha... What... are you doing" she stuttered. Gail did not respond at first, she just kept pushing her fingers deep into the pussy. the moans became deeper and wilder. She bit her lip in sensual excitement.

She reached out her hand to Karen who by this time was getting horny. She wanted to do something but was not sure what. Karen then guided Gail's hands toward her panties. They slipped down over Karen's pussy and crept to her pussy lips. Karen let out a relived sexual sigh. "AAHHHHHHHHHhhh", she screamed, as two of Gail's fingers entered her pussy. The moans of the porno video blended into the deep groans and moans of both Gail and Karen. Gail was rubbing her pussy and Karen's pussy furiously. Deep and faster fingers plunging into both pussies unto both Gail and Karen let out a huge long groan and sprayed hot, wet sticky cum into over the sofa.

Karen was so horny, panting in sexual fulfillment. Maybe there was perks living with a Bond Street escort after all.



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