Naughty Notting Hill Natalie - Erotic Story

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Natalie is simply breathtaking. She has model looks and a very fit body. This sexy Welsh brunette moved to London to study fashion but took an unexpected change when she embarked in a career in escorting. Soon she became a top VIP Notting Hill escort and was wined and dined by the most prestigious gentlemen in the capital. However she quit after a year to focus on her fashion career. She was obsessed with couture and wanted to be a designer. There were so many people fighting to make it big in the industry and she went to so many parties and shows to network. She just wasn;t getting the break she needed. So she decided to use her best assets; her very naughty personality and her 34D bust. She would charm and flirt her way for a chance.

It was a massive night for the fashion industry as a VIP party was held to herald the best newcomers. She had flirted her way for an invite and came dressed in a stunning tight, short black dress. Her ass looked amazing in it. As soon as she arrived all eyes were on her. She caught the attention of many designers and one just couldn;t keep his eyes off her. He had to speak to her and introduced himself. He gave her a glass of champagne and they chatted. she started to reveal more and more of her cleavage. She wanted so badly to work with an up and coming designer. He couldn;t take his eyes off her tits and they indulged in more glasses of champagne. Soon they were very tipsy and Natalie felt very horny. She ushered him into the toilets and locked the cubicle door. She then started rubbing her hands up and down his groin. She could feel his cock getting harder and harder. She was saying how badly she wanted to work for him and she was willing to do anything. He unzipped his flies and out pooped his throbbing rock hard cock. She knelt down and slowly wrapped her lips around his cock. He moaned a groan of sexual delight as she slowly sucked along his long shaft. her wet saliva glided her warm mouth inch by inch, back an forth over his tool. The sucks were long and exaggerated. Each getting slightly tighter and slower than the previous. She took him deep in her throat. His dick firmly lodging into the side of her cheek as her long stokes of her mouth became tighter and slowly. She could feel his dick pulsating in her mouth. It began to throb and throb with more intensity until he let out a huge groan and pumped a huge load of cum into her mouth. They fixed their clothes up and joined the party. This naughty girl had just got her big break.


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