One Last Fling - Erotic Story

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Amy was bored of her life. She was married for 14 years but her husband worked abroad a lot as he had a top job in marketing. When they first met, they had a whirlwind romance. She was a very romantic guy who would always buy her presents and take her places. They had a fantastic sex life and saw a bright future together. When he proposed to her, it is was the happiest time of their lives. They hardly ever argued and soaked up as much time together as they could. However soon after they married it all changed. He got a massive job promotion and at first it was good. He was on a higher salary so they could afford to buy more things. There were impromptu short breaks away to Paris and the gifts became more lavish. However all that came at a price as he had started to do more and more hours with his job. He rarely had much spare time and the spare time he did have, his mind was on work. They went from having mind blowing sex everyday to only once a week. Amy put this down to the demands of the job and was thankful for having such a hard working husband. Over the years their sex life went down to twice a month. Amy had a high sex drive and became increasingly unhappy. The business trips were starting to take it's toll. She started to doubt her looks and maybe thought he wasn't attracted to her anymore. She decided to do yoga, make more of an effort in her appearance and dress more provocatively around the house. When they did have sex however t was earth shattering. Her husband had a huge 9 inch cock. She felt every inch of his rock hard cock plunge into her pussy and it hit all the right spots. When she reached orgasm it literally soaked the sheets. She loved to surprise him when he got home from work with a whipped cream blowjob. She will be standing there in a very skimpy outfit. Her 34D cleavage will be smeared with cream and he would have to lick it off. She then used to undo the zip to his trousers, pull out his throbbing cock and spray whipped cream out he bottle all over it. She had a cock 'creampie' in her mouth and he certainly added some of his cream when he came. After those encounters though he would be distant. Not as attentive as he was when they first met. The last straw for her one day was when she found out that he had booked the company of an escort from Hemel Hempstead. A stunning busty blonde escort who was really beautiful. He was attending an awards event for the company he worked for; a very glitzy event. Although she was confident nothing untoward had happened, she saw that as a betrayal. Although she had expressed that she never wanted to go to those events as she found it boring, the fact he had taken another woman along; she found it as an insult.

However it wasn't long till her heart would truly break. Amy went to visit her mother for the weekend as it was a family occasion. She did invite her husband, but he had a business meeting. Amy cut her trip short but didn't feel the need to to ring her husband because she did not want to disturb him on his shopping trip. When she arrived home she heard noises coming out of the bedroom. It sounded like loud shrieking and immediately she became startled. She could make out it was two sets of voices. The house did not seem that it had been broken into, but she could not be sure. Then she noticed that her husbands shoes were at the bottom of the stairs as well as a pair of woman's shoes that were not hers. Amy's heart sunk as the quick realisation to what was going on. She decided to sneak upstairs. Every step she took was one of dread. She burst into the bedroom to see her best friend on top of her husband, bouncing up and down on his huge cock. She was a busty blonde; it seems he had a thing for busty blondes. They had not noticed her come into the room as the woman had her back turned. They were too much in the trows of passion to realise her presence. She then started to shout and then they both realised she was there. They looked shocked, but to Amy's surprise they both continued. Her friend was apologising but at the same time still bouncing up and down on his cock. She said that she is so sorry, but the sex is too good and she is about to cum. She began to bounce harder and harder on his cock, but then she stopped and burst into tears. She began saying sorry and that she never meant for her to find out and it was just sex. Amy's husband was very apologetic too. He said it was just one last fling and that he was going to call off the whole affair. There was very uncomfortable prolonged silence. They were waiting for a reaction from Amy. The reaction they got was one nobody could have expected.

Amy started to strip off and got down to only her thong. Her husband was gobsmacked and said "honey what are you doing?". Amy said that if you are going to have one last thing, I might as well be part of it. Amy's friend, well easy to say her new former friend was amazed. Amy said that she felt betrayed but seeing the in the throws of passion had her extremely horny. She climbed onto the bed and began to giver her husband a furious handjob. Amy was saying to her husband who is better in bed - her or her friend. Her husband did not answer and was trying to speak but the rapid tugs on his cock began to take effect. This fast and furious handjob felt so good. Remember he was close to coming himself earlier on. Amy then said to the friend to come and join in the fun. At first the fiend was hesitant. Was it a trick? However she was so horny as well as she jumped off his cock in shame, before she could climax. Amy said to the friend to jump on his cock and she would lick his balls. The friend jumped on her husbands cock. and began to ride. She was bouncing up and down and her clitoris was rubbing on the bridge of the nose of amy who was licking his balls. It was hot passionate sex and the bed was near breaking point. She bounced up and down his huge cock. Ay licked and licked his balls faster and faster. Amy's husband and her friend both gave out a huge roar as they both came. Amy's friend pussy juices ran all over Amy's mouth. She licked her lips and then started to get dressed. She then both turned round to them and said "same time next week". then calmly walked out the bedroom.

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