Cumming Right On Greenwich Time - Short Erotic Story

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I was on a big night out with my work colleagues as we had landed a big new advertising contract. I was especially happy as I headed the department and so much hard work had gone into it. We set off hitting all the most trendy bars in Greenwich. After many sambucas and various alcoholic drinks we ended up at a very trendy one with a wild party crowd. It was just after midnight and the alcohol had me rather tipsy, but I was having a great night. There was a special music promotion going on and a lot of sexy ladies. I was chatting them up and dancing with loads. This one Latino lady caught my eye. We kept looking and smiling at each other since I got to the bar. I deiced to go up to her.

We started talking and I found out she was from Mexico. Her name was Erica. She was out with her cousin and her cousin's friend. I brought her a drink and we managed to have a nice a and fun conversation while party tunes thumped out by the DJ resonated throughout the whole bar. I was giving her my best lines and she said if I wanted to go back to hers. I was up for it. We went back to hers a nice flat and when we arrived her housemate was there. She actually came out in her panties and I was like WOW she is hot, loudly in my head. (obviously not to the Erica). She didn't';t even get dressed and the two started talking and I just made myself comfortable on the sofa. Erica said that she and her friend were an escort duo, but were not working this weekend. I was like hey, is this some sort of set up. Nah, they both laughed " we are allowed personal lives" they chuckled. Her friend lit a cig and brought out a bottle of vodka. We drank the bottle as we listened to a really good dance CD. By this time we all had began removing clothes and I actually danced on the sofa but fell off.

Then out of nowhere they started kissing. I was shocked but really horny. They said I can join in if I like. So I got in the mix. Fondling both there breasts and kissing both of them. We danced, kissed and fondled each other. My phone was beeping. I pulled it out of my trousers pocket which was half way down my leg. They were moving onto a club and said to meet them there in 25 minutes. I couldn't abandon them as I organised the night out. Erica threw my mobile on the sofa, then knelt down. She pulled out my penis and began sucking it. Her warm lips and saliva, gliding from head to balls, slowly back and forth. I was in ecstasy. Her friend then began to kiss. I was getting a really, warm, slow, intense blow job and fondling the tits and kissing this really hot woman. Ericas began gobbing saliva all over the head of my penis, lubricating it more and eagerly took it back in her mouth. Her warm spit over my dick was such a nice sensation. Her head back and forth, blowing me as I sucked her friends tits. Faster and faster , deeper and deeper Erica sucked my dick. I was going to explode. I withdrew my dick and burst a huge wad of cum in 3 big spurts all over Erica's face. I looked at the clock. It had been 20 minutes. I had enough time to rush to the club. As I rushed to the club I was thinking how bad I was for leaving in such a hurry as the ladies had given me the time of my life. These sexy Greenwich duo escorts had given me, the time of my life. I came just on time. Greenwich mean time for cumming.