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Danniella had a vivacious sexual appetite. She used to work in the city but got bored of such a male dominant sector. She had her fun as many a boss loved bending her over their desk and giving her a good hard fuck. She used to tease the men she worked with, by wearing very sexy low cut tops. She caught amausement as men used to have to put their files in front of their hard, throbbing dicks to hide the embarassment of their rock hard erections. She moved out of the City to a nice apartment in North London. She turned her attention to something else. She became a very sexy Stanmore escort who soon became one of the top independents in the capital. Her sexy figure, warm charm and very naughty personality had made her reputation as being the most adventurous escort in London. In her spare time she loved to shop and live the high life. Well attending discreet VIP sex parties. She loved to discover new pleasures and soon found a thing that turned heron. She like to take "selfies" with a dick that she has just sucked off. So her camera phone came in handy and her wet blowjobs simply blew the head of the guy she was sucking off. She liked to collect pictures of all the dicks she blew, right after they had shot thier load. Cum dripping dick pictures became an obsession. She had a collage of them. She would seek out hunks and give them the most sloppy, frantic, head slurping blowjob they have ever had in their life. .

It was a nother Saturday night and Danniella was ready to go to her favourtite bar. All the big hitters of business were in there as well as the usual socialites and rich pretenders. Also many male models went there and it was long since she had one as a sexual sonquest. She slipped into a very revelaing, tight, low cut dress that just heightened her amazing curves. Her sexy lace g-string and lingerie made underneath made her feel super sexy. When she arrived at the bar it was like a scene from a movie where verybody goes quiet and stares. The guys were so turned on by this sensational lady who had just walked in. Nobody there knew she was an escort. She simply was there to have fun as she was taking time of from escorting. There were some escorts in Satnmore that were there that night. so jealous of her as she slways got the best reviews online about the outcalls she provided. They knew they could never have such a big, diverse and rich client list as she had. Dannielle could not even make it to the bar before a tall, strapping Italian male model hunk, intrduced himself. Immediately he bought a bottel of champagne. Danniella was amazed at how confident yet modest and swet he was. He had said that he had just about mustered up the courage to talk to her. They had a firtatious time drinkin, talking and laughing together. Then Danniella whispered in the Italian male model's ear tofollow her. She led him by the hand into the toilets. A few raised eyebrows but smirks as a few gentlemen knew he must be in for a treat.

She locked the cubicle door behind them and before she could have a linbgering kiss, her lips slid down his as she dropped to her knees. She undid his belt and slid down his trousers in such a sexy, speedy fashion. With one fist grip she grabbed hold of his big 10 inch dick as it sprang out to attention like a jack in a box. She wrapped her warm, wet lips slowly around the head of his penis. Her warm spit dripping down to the her blouse. She then slid her mouth slowly, smoothly and erotically back and forth his dick. Eating up every inch of his huge cock, slowly back and forth. He was moaning in ecstasy as the first drips of sweat were starting to appeain his forhead. Danniella begin to suck more frantically. She had one hand playfully squeezing his balls. The warm sensation of her lips and her spit flying everyhwere made his eyes role back in pleasure. She plunged his huge 10 inch ock deep into her throat. He could not take it anymore and let out a huge moan. She withdrew is dick and mountains of hot, warm cum platered heer nose and mouth. It dripped down her chin. There was so much sweat on his brow and he wiped it as he tried to get his breath back. Danniella asked if she could take a piture of his dick as a sexy souvenir. He slumped against the cubicle side and said yes. She whipped out her camera phone and held her cum covered face against this huge cock dripping with cum. "Click"as her camera phone took the very naughty shot. She had just collected another dick for her collectton.


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