Sexy Birthday Surprise - Erotic Story

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Jane was married to Geoff and felt quite frumpy after her second pregnancy. She didn't like looking at herself in the mirror and had the usual body image problems. Her sex drive became very low and it effected their marriage. Geoff had a high sex drive and grew increasingly frustrated about it. Jane knew that they were not getting on recently and she became concerned that they were spending less and less time together. She also became concerned at the number of late nights he was working recently and the fact that he had a very sexy young blonde busty secretary. She didn't think Geoff would cheat on her, but with the lack of sex and how flirtacious the secretary was; anything was possible. Jane decided to surprise Geoff at work and treat him to lunch. When she arrived she saw his sex young secretary. Jane simply could not match her for beauty and wondered how Geoff felt coming home from work to her when he had all that eye candy.

Jane confided in her best friend Janet about how she felt. Jane out of interest used to be an Enfield escort before she decided to enter the world of burlesque. Janet was a bit upset that Jane had not confided in her before. She deiced what Janet needed was a total makeover. She got her to join the gym to lose those pounds. She decided each week to give her a sexy master class in the art of seduction. However this was going to be more naughty and more wild than any of her burlesque routines. Janet used to be a fetish escort, to it was time to break Jane's boundaries and introduce her to something quite special. Jane lost the pounds of her flab each week and did her best to conceal her weight loss and transformation. It was just sheer determination; intense fitness and healthy eating. Some days were really tough as the cravings where so powerful. However she always envisaged in her mind a time where she will have her ideal figure. Those days of feeling like she could not look at herself in the mirror, seemed a distant, sad memory. Her escorting days were far behind her and she wanted to embark on a new chapter in her life.

It was Geoff's birthday and Jane had a very sexy birthday surprise lined up. She went out got her hair done, went to her local sex shop to pick up a few things and waited for Geoff to come home. when he arrived he was met with a Jane he had never ever seen before. She was standing there, sleek, sexy, in an amazing PVC corset, complete with whip and 6 inch heels. his jaw dropped and he dropped his briefcase in amazement. She strolled up to him, flashing her whip and gave him a playful, very soft lash of it on his bottom. She then slid slowly to her knees, whilst unbuckling his belt. She undid his trouser zip, reached inside and pulled out his ever increasingly throbbing cock. She had leather gloves on. She reached inside her naughty bag and got out some body lotion. Instantly Geoff dropped to the floor and Jane straddled him as she poured the warm oil all over his dick. She began to slowly massage his cock. Her hand tightly gripped on his dick as her tight leather grip slowly slid up and down his cock. Geoff felt like he was going to explode into a big orgasm. This was such a surprise and too much for his senses. He began to increase the pace of the tugging. The warm, slippery sensation of the leather slapping up and down his dick felt insatiable. He was using his mind so much not to cum. She then wrapped her warm mouth around the head of his penis as she wanked him up and down. Her warm saliva made the sensation that more wet and intense. She began to yank his dick faster. up and down, up and down. She wanked his dick frantically into her mouth. His dick was slipping further and further into her mouth. The warm, wet friction grew so rapid and tense as the head of his penis was shuddered into her warm mouth. Geoff couldn't take it no longer and exploded a huge thick wad of cum down her throat. What a birthday surprise he had just received. Little did he know, Jane's friend, the "ex Enfield escort" he would always refereed to as, had taught his wife so well in 5 weeks.

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