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Donna and Lisa were two very sexy Brazilian women who lived in the Bond Street area. They came from wealthy families and when they decided to live in London, that is where it began to get crazy. They were both so reserved but as soon as they started to go out in the city, they let their hair down. all they did was party, drink and have sex with loads of hung guys. In a month they must have shagged at least three "footballers", 2 movie stars and a male porn star. They used to record their sexual conquests in their "shag" book. The first person who fucked 10 guys in a month would have to do the washing up for a week. They both shared a luxury apartment and soon their wild parties became too wild. For a month they both worked as an escort duo in Central London. Gentlemen loved the fact they were both busty and blonde. They enjoyed the work as they got to meet some really interesting people as well as go out for dinner at the best restaurants in the capital. Their companionship only service was so highly rated, they soon became one of the top escort duos in the country.

However they soon got bored and decided they needed to spice things up. The remembered that one client had a brother who was a big porn producer in Europe. They both wanted to get into the adult film industry and so they decided to see if they could set up a meeting. They were lucky as the porn producer was looking for fresh talent and wanted to meet them, the next day. So they both Donna and Lisa decided to where their most sexy and revealing low cut top and skirt. They both had juicy, plump 34DD boobs and they jiggled about everywhere they went. When they arrived on set Pedro, the porn director nearly fainted. They were so hot and all the production team staff got a massive erection. Donna and Lisa both started to kiss each other passionately. Just a spur of the moment thing to impress. Donna then slid down Lisa's top and started to suck on her big breasts. She sucked those nipples hard and licked all around the huge 34DD cleavage. She slid her fingers down Lisa's skirt and started to play with her pussy. Lisa let out a massive groan of sexual delight as Donna's fingers entered her wet pussy. Soon some male porn actors arrived and they were taken aback buy what they where seeing.

Donna turned round to one of the porn actors. His name was Marty. She asked how big his dick was and he replied "12 inches". Donna sighed that will do. The porn set was a wrestling ring and they had not even began production yet. Donna and Lisa ushered Marty into the ring and asked if he could take both of them on. They were a fearsome sexual tag team. 1st person to make the other cum would be the winner. Marty thought this was easy as he fancied himself as bit of a stud. Then the match began. Lisa slid down Mart's trouser and pants and whipped out his slightly hard cock. It was huge and she grasped it in her fist and began "wanking" it. Soon he was fully erect; his rock hard 12 inch cock rocking back and forth with each tug of Lisa's stroke. Donna got into the action and opened her mouth wide to get all the "girth" of his cock in her mouth. Lisa then pumped Marty's dick back and forth as it was gobbled up by Donna's mouth. She gulped his cock down her throat. Her saliva running over Lisa's hands and his balls. The sucking got faster and faster and Lisa tugged area furiously on his cock. His dick hitting deep into Donna's throat with every thrust. He could not take it anymore and let out a load groan as he pumped wads of warm, thick cum down Donna's throat. Both ladies laughed as Marty slumped to the ring floor and tried to recapture his breath. They declared themselves the winners and everybody on set started cheering.


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