Slutty Slough Suzy - Erotic Story

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Suzy, ever so gorgeous; a busty blonde from Slough who was so slutty. She got into the adult entertainment industry at 24 and loved making porn movies. She had an amazing body and the camera loved her. Sleek, slender; the perfect physique - she trained 4 days a week at the gym, plus did yoga. She was very flexible and her lovers were very grateful for that. Suzy got so much male attention. Wherever she went she got the most wealthiest guys to pamper to her every need. Fro rich business, 'footballers' to socialities; they all wanted to be around her. Suzy loved to party and dressed up in the shortest of skirts. Her 34DD breasts were the main attraction and she loved to flaunt them. She danced in such an erotic fashion that guys just stand there holding their glasses of champagne, completely mesmerised, like she is the only woman there.

Suzy had been invited to a VIP party at a top nightclub by her best friend, Karen. Her friend used to be an escort in Slough and a former client who owned the club said they she could bring a friend along. Well a hot friend. Suzy definitely fitted the bill. The club owner was a young multimillionaire and he loved the attention he got from ladies. When Suzy arrived his jaw dropped. He had never seen such a sexy woman before. He had seen so many beautiful women in his time, but none could match up to her, even Karen. Her big boobs captivated him wildly. He immediately ordered champagne on the house and gave both her and Karen the most lavish VIP private booth. The champagne flowed and Suzy was getting down to all the party tunes. She danced in such a slutty way, but it had so much class to it. It was weird but amazing.

He poured each of them a huge glass of champagne each. He made a toast and they all clunked their glasses together. There was a really dirty smirk on his face as he new this night was set for some kinky fun. Karen wrapped both arms around Suzy's waist. They started to dance in a very sensual and provocative manner. When Suzy used to be a VIP party girl escort, so she didn't need an invitation to start having fun. Drinking, being wild and very flirtatious was part of that world she used to be in. The music changed to a more slower pace. This had a direct effect on the two ladies as they started to dance ore closely and intimately. The club owner kept the drinks coming. He was in a very merry mood. Well if he was being honest with himself, he was getting a bit drunk. This is the most alcohol he had drunk for a while and it went straight to his head. However he was not complaining. Being in the company of two hot women; life was being good to him.

By this time Karen and Suzy had so much to drink and began kissing each other. Their tongues wrestled and collided with such intense passion. They were so hot for each other. the club owner came in and instantly got a massive hard on. He ushered them upstairs and asked them to put on a private show for him. Suzy was horny she agreed. They took off their tops and began to such each others nipples. They caressed each others breasts and pussy. Suzy lid her warm tongue all over Karen's body. The club owner by this time was so turned on he got out is cock and began to 'wank' Suzy was sucking Karen's puss so deep. Her tongue fully swirling around the wet and warm pussy of Karen. Her massive busty 34DD tits were bouncing around everywhere. The club owner couldn't take it much longer and groaned as he sprayed a huge wad off cum all over his desk and invoices. He would have to re print all of them, but he didn't care. He had such a wild experience.

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