Stevenage Stag Party - Short Erotic Story

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Phil was getting married and his mates wanted to give him the ultimate stag party. They were thinking of going abroad but then they remembered the last stag party in the Czech Republic were they all, including the groom managed to miss the wedding. So they decided to keep it local in Stevenage. Phil was a very lucky fella as his fiancée had called off the engagement over a year ago when she walked in on him shagging one of the neighbours. Well, the neighbour was a sexy, curvy busty Argentinean lady who had been chasing him for ages. When she walked in, the South American beauty was riding Phil's cock like a cowgirl. Her 36DD breasts bouncing and smashing into each other with force. After some grovelling and many apologies, she finally took him back.

The night was set and they all got spruced up. They hit the town after drinking a lot of alcohol. They hit all the bars, drinking vodka shot after vodka shot. They were having a great time and the ladies were keen. They met up with a hen night. The lady about to get married was amazing and the group she was with were all stunners. they had on very short skirts and tight tops and were very rowdy. Both groups met up and there was a lot of frolicking and flirting. They went from bar to bar with each other. Everyone smooching up and it got to the stage where they all wanted to get indoors and carry it on. Phil was so tempted. The lad out on her hen and him had hit it off and were pleased to see their mates getting on so well. so they decided to head back to the the hotel together. they luckily were all staying at the same hotel. They all all got back and went into Phil's suite. As soon as they got in everybody was undressing, kissing, fondling and shagging each other. Phil's friend Terry was getting blowjob by the bed and it was high fives all round from the lads. Richard, one of Phil's oldest friends who had promised to keep the night on the straight and narrow was doggying this bird from behind. She screamed as he thrust his huge cock deep into her pussy. Her panties around her ankles as Richard pumped away at her pussy. There was two couples on the bed banging away. Phil by this time turned to Richard who sad while trying to catch his breath to go for it. By this time the hen, (her name Gail) had stripped off and began rubbing Phil's cock. We can't " he said. Explaining they were both about to get married and it was wrong. Then he thought that this would be the last time he would get to shag another woman. His morals caved in and he bent her over. He whipped out is cock and slid it inch by inch into her pussy. She bit her lip and moaned in pleasure as inch by inch his cock slid in and out of her warm and wet pussy. He pumped her pussy harder and harder. There were screams and laughter as guy after guy blew his load all over their bird. Phil and Gail were the last people standing and the whole room was cheering them on. By this time there was banging on the door. It was the hotel manager and he was upset at all the noise and the complaints. This did not deter everyone; especially Phil and gal. Phil pumped and pumped away hard. Gail's tits crashing into each other at every huge thrust of Phil's cock. Phil was so close...... "agghhh" he yelled as he whipped out his cock and blew a huge load of cum all over Gail's ass. everybody cheered. It was the best stag night ever.



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