Tall Tantalising Fun - Short Erotic Story

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Erica..... yes the lovely Erica. A stunning 6ft 1, 34DD, blonde, blue eyed Danish stunner who lived on the outskirts of Kings Cross. She was one of the most sexiest Scandinavian women alive and she knew how to get what she wanted. She had been a VIP Kings cross escort, working for one of the top international agencies in the world. It took her to the most exciting cities and places in the world. She had the most important clientele. From VIP's, celebrities, executives, diplomats... you name it. Now she had done everything she wanted to do in the escorting world and it was time to quit to pursue a new venture. She wanted to start her own wedding business. She had the business plan, the innovation, but she needed a small loan from the bank. Banks these days never gave; even if you were a good business proposition. So Erica needed to persuade her local bank manager that she deserved that loan.

Erica wore the most figure hugging top. Her 34DD cleavage bursting out of it. She wore the most tightest, short mini skirt and some Louis Vuitton shoes. When she arrived at her local branch, everybody in the bank turned around in amazement. One of the bank employees ushered up to her, almost speechless and stuttering over his words. "Ccc Can I.. I hel..help you" he stumbled". Erica said she had an appointment with the business bank manager. He asked Erica to take a seat and went into a nearby office. All the gentlemen were just fixated at Erica's breasts Wives and girlfriends looked annoyed as they caught their partners eyeing up Erica's sexy very long, smooth legs. Soon Erica was called into the the bank managers office. When she walked in her cleavage was glowing in the fluorescent light. The bank managers jaw dropped. Erica got out her pen and pad.. They greeted each other and then Erica sat down. Oh no she had dropped her pen. It rolled to almost the other side of the room. She took a very slow, provocative walk over to it, bent down and slowly began to pick it up. However she stayed in that position. The bank manger took a massive gulp and asked her if she was OK. Erica turned her head around still bent over and said ,"Ooohh, can you see my pussy? My naughty pussy"! The bank manager did not know what to say. He was too busy getting trying to hide his massive hard on behind his desk. Erica came and sat down on his lap. The bank manager breathing in a huge sniff of of wonderful scent through his nostrils. Erica stroked his hair and said. If you are good to me, I will be good for you. The bank manager hurriedly went and locked the door. As soon as he arrived he got out the forms and said all it will take is his signature.... So.... Before he could finish his sentence Erica slid down her top and started to undo the bank manager's trouser zipper. She coaxed his erect, throbbing cock out of his boxer shorts and placed them n between her juicy big 34DD breasts. She grabbed her juicy melons either side and writhed them up and down his throbbing cock. The bank manager gave a huge moan of sensual pleasure. He was getting the best tit wank of his life. Her juicy, bouncy, firm, yet cushioned tits slid furiously up and down his shaft. His cocked crushed and caressed by the two huge 34DD tits. Eric then began to suck the end of his cock will still locking them tight in between her breasts. Every now and then she would come up air and tell the bank manager" sign it". "Sign it". The bank manager fumbled for his pen. Each time he tried to write, he grimaced in sensual pleasure as his cock was thrust deep into Erica's mouth. She wanked her huge tits faster and faster over his hard dick and deep into her throat. He couldn't take it no more. He started to sign his name on the application and then couldn't hold it in any longer. He shot a huge spurt of cum into the air. As the cum trickled down his dick, Erica happily licked it up. As he turned to the application form to finish of his signature he realised that it was covered in a huge blob of cum. He did up his zip and got out a new application. Then as they fixed themselves up, he turned to Erica an said. "What will you do for an extra £10,000 on top of your bank loan. "Well, you just have to wait and see" she chuckled.



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