Tottenham Totty - Short Erotic Story

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I am a total jack the lad. I never have long term girlfriends as they get too boring and needy. I like to spread my love around. I am a north London lad, through and through. I support Tottenham Hotspur and I love my football. My life is simple - booze, football and women. the perfect combination. I was getting ready for a big night out locally. Celebrating my the local football team I play for's progression into the cup semi final. I had scored the winning goal. I was looking to hit the back of the net tonight, but with a real stunner. I was definitely going to pull a bird and shag her till the early hours of next morning. I got spruced up and ready to hit the bars with the lads.

We hit the bars, there are some really good ones in North London. We all did the usual - loads a sambuca shots, loads a beer, then loads more sambucas. I was eyeing up the local totty when a really busty brunette caught my eye. She looked at me for less than a second, smiled, then turned back to her mate. Thats all I need to be in there. Took a quick second to compose myself and then went over. I asked her who her mate is. I am cheeky as fuck. She didn't like that but then I explained that I planned on breaking up a party but as we were going to have a cracking night together, I didn't want her mate to get the hump. She laughed and introduced herself. I got her and her mate some sambucas. She popped to the loo and I checked out her cracking ass. She had a lovely ass. I was hoping to get to grips with that later on.

When she got back to the loo, she had a quick word with her mate and said, "I guess its back to mine then". In the taxi her mobile kept on going off like every minute. i thought fucking hell she is in demand. I asked why that was then she dropped the ultimate bombshell. She used to be an escort in Tottenham, but she gave up to open a hair salon. She explained that the odd ex clients had her mobile number and called her from time to time and she couldn't be bothered to get a new number. So i was heading back with a stunning ex Tottenham escort and I was going to shag her silly.

As soon as we stepped through her door, we were tearing each others clothes off. She immediately dropped to her knees, whipped out my cock and gave me a really fast and intense blow job. Her spit was going everywhere as she was staring up at me while sucking my dick like a real champ. we tried making it up the stairs but I bent her over and shoved my huge cock in her pussy. I pumped and pumped each in of my big dick into her wet pussy. She grabbed on the banisters screaming as her perfect ass rippled and wobbled with each hard, deep thrust of my throbbing, hard cock.

I was getting go excited, I was near cummingggg.... aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... I blew a huge load of cum all over her ass. It settled in a huge puddle of thick white cum and began to slowly slide down her ass.

This ex Tottenham escort had the perfect ass and that was another bird to add the to shagged list.

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