University Students Becoming Escorts

What is coming more to light is the issue of many young female university students becoming escorts. They turn to escorting because the financial lure and incentives are too good to miss out on. Many university students today are struggling with huge tuition fees, buying textbooks and costs of living. The struggle at times financially can be unbearable for some. so rather than opt for a low wage bar job, they choose escorting where some have been reported of earning up to £800 - £1000 a week. That is almost there student loan for the semester. Many escort agencies have actively promoted vacancies at their agency. They usually get on campus and hand out leaflets and put up posters about working with them as an escort. Some universities have gotten wind of this recruitment drive by escort agencies and are putting a stop to their advertising for jobs.

Many students who turn to escorting are studying for very professional market sectors and doing degrees to that fulfill their dreams. Some university courses are longer than others, so that puts added pressures on some who worry financially. To be able to fund your studying for 4 of 5 years can be a great ordeal. So that is why earning the type of money escorting can provide seems so appealing. Escort agencies love to boast about and promote the student escorts that sign up with them. It is a new niche that has just emerged over the past couple of years. With a lack of jobs in today's struggling economy and no real prospects for university graduates; becoming an escort seems like a viable solution. Some join to save up to pay for debts as they will know they will struggle to do so.

It is now a subject that has caught the eye of the media. Many are doing research and looking into the reasons for this new phenomenon. There is quite a mix of escorts of this nature in the UK. Some work as independents, so they promote their services independently. Some opt to join agencies as they are new to the escort market and are not confident or knowledgable on how to promote themselves. Agencies take a percentage of the fee they receive per booking. However it is not just students aged 18-25. There is a more mature demographic of 40 plus individuals. These are mature students returning back to education to get a degree to try and better their lives. Financially again a university degree is very hard for them to maintain. For some conducting escort work seems like the only viable solution at the time.

It is reported that the NUS has begun to conduct an independent report on students involved in escorting. For many their findings will be an interesting read. Is it just the tip of the iceberg? How many students are actually escorts in the UK? How many are tempted. Even though to them it may seem like easy money, can they maintain that lifestyle. Is it affecting their education. Does it change their outlook on life?

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