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If you would like to book any one of the escort services First Call Escorts provides, our booking team are on hand 24/7. For advanced bookings you can use the on line booking System.

There are a number of ways that you can book.

Telephone Bookings - We have a team of friendly receptionists who are ready to take your call. If you have any queries about potential escort dates or need specific help in finding your perfect companion, they are very happy to assist you.

Contact us on 07775 300 878 / 07775 300 875 for all your booking enquiries.

Bookings Terms & Conditions - First Call Escorts provide companionship services only. Any monies exchanged are for companionship services and nothing else. First Call Escorts are not responsible for any decisions 2 consenting adults make after the official escort date.

Pre Booking - All bookings will be confirmed at least 30 minutes before the booking. All rates and prices, including any additional fees will be confirmed within that confirmation.

Cancelling A Booking - If for any reason you need to cancel a booking you must notify the agency as soon as possible. Late cancellation fees are in force and their amount depends on the nature and duration of the booking.

Payments - All payments should be made direct to the escort before the booking starts. The only type of payment accepted is CASH.

*Note - We are launching our online payment system in the very near future to ensure our clients have an increased choice in payment options.

First Call Escorts is a booking agent. Any monies exchanged are for time and companionship only.

We do not answer withheld numbers.

When making a booking, you will be asked to provide the following details: Name, Full Address, Phone Number.

Please advise which escort you wish to date.

All information is completely confidential and will not be passed on to any other organisations.

You will NOT receive any information by phone calls or post; the details provided are simply to ensure that our escort arrives with you as soon as possible

Danniella - 23 - Spanish
Lacey - 23 - English
Crystal - 36 - English
Rosy - 24 - English
Aaliyah - 22 - British
Daniella - 20 - English
Stacie - 20 - English
Ladies - 21 to 45 - English
Nat - 6-8 - Czech