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Hopefully you are enjoying the sun that summer 2023 is bringing. The world move further into the post-global pandemic era. It is even more essential that people who book escorts and escorts/escort services stay informed about all the most important topics. This year our agency is going to produce more question based articles. All of our articles for 2023 will be thoroughly interesting and informative articles about the online escort market. There is no escort website (to our knowledge) in existence that has as many informative, ground breaking and important relational articles as us. Read about every important talking point/issue regarding the UK and global escort market online. Today's UK and global escort market is a really diverse and still some what of a taboo world. It is made up of obviously escorts, their escort clients, escort agencies, escort directories, advertising companies and specialist websites/groups. With so many vital and influential issues floating about (especially in the UK) it's truly important views are heard and information is made widely available. There are so many important topics regarding the online escort market which need to be discussed in a public forum There are hundreds upon hundreds of insightful articles for UK escorts to read, as well as articles for today's escort clients. If you are new to the escort market, then utilise this online informational resource to find out more about it. Take this wonderful opportunity to learn something new about the industry. Maybe you are a researcher seeking more information about a particular subject. Use this section as a helpful resource of information to help your study. Simply click on any of the article links to read that given article. You can bookmark your favorite ones to read at a later time. If you would like to offer us any feedback, then feel free to contact us. Maybe you have an important topic which you would like discussed or our opinion offered on it. Send all your questions via our online contact form.


Also, keep up to date with our very latest Escort News, every day. Below is a pick of the best articles from each month. For a full list of articles feel free to refer to each blog below the pick of the bunch.

November 2023 - London's very first elite dinner date escort companion provides fining dining companionship to the most affluent individuals in the city.

November 2023 - Changing Career To Escorting - Maybe you have been thinking about changing career to become an escort. With the cost of living crisis today many people are looking to change career.

July 2023 - The Resurgence Of Outcall Escort Services In the UK: Post-Pandemic - There was a huge influx of people booking outcall escort services post-pandemic. Why was this?

January 2023 - How To Hire An Escort - Have you pondered about how to hire an escort and don't know the first place to start? Read our informative article full of helpful tips to help you get started on your escort booking journey.

February 2022 - Gluten Free Croissants - Did you know that 2% of dinner date escorts sadly suffer from coeliac disease. This is where a persons immune system attacks their cells if they unluckily eat gluten. Luckily for many sufferers they are finding online bakeries which sell tasty snacks online.

January 2022 - 5 Ways To Make A Woman Orgasm - Not your average article on the subject. Science, psychology, humour and even philosophy tackle a subject that seems to be on many people's minds.

June 2021 - Bottomless Brunch Escorts - Just imagine a bottomless brunch in the company of the most beautiful and fun-loving escort.

June 2021 - Birth Of The Online Escort Industry - The look at the journey and birth of the online escort industry. How did this specialist adult dating industry come about? Have a read.

February 2021 - Virtual Escort Services - With a global pandemic bringing many industries to a standstill, does the escort industry have a way of safely still operating - by using webcam technology.

March 2020 - Coronavirus and Escort Services - With the outbreak of a COVID-19 pandemic globally, how will escort services in the UK be impacted?

Our North London escorts jobs feature is a brilliant informational resource for people considering becoming an escort in this classy London region

Our South London escorts jobs feature is also a wonderful online resource of information for individuals considering becoming an escort in this vibrant region in London.

February 2020 - A message for everybody to please take care regarding this coronavirus outbreak. Follow all public health guidelines and refer to all information from national health agencies.

October 2019 - Footballers And Escorts - It seems that footballers in the UK get us much tabloid press for their off the field antics as well as their on the field game.

July 2019 - Why Do Married Women Meet Female Escorts? - We take a look at a subject that has been discussed online in recent years. There is an increasing number of married women who seek the company of female escorts.

Role Play Escort In Willesden - A new escort experience article about a stressed out salesman who has gone through two divorces. Can a spontaneous date with an escort change his life for the better?

Our next article - Why married women hire lesbian escorts.

November 2018 - Latvian Escort In Raynes Park - A story of a very unhappy newly divorced insurance salesman who books a dinner date with a very sexy brunette escort in London.

July 2018 - Is Samantha X Returning As An Escort? - With news media outlets focusing on a very sexy Instagram photo; does it mean this Famous Australian escort is coming out of retirement?

May 2018

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August 2017 - Escorts in Turnpike Lane - There are many reasons why escorts in this N8 London region are so special. Find out why.

July 2017 - Do you enjoy reading erotic escort stories? If so have a read of our latest erotic fiction story Euphoric Euston Cum Denial.

NEW for 2017 sees the introduction of our Escort Advice section. This will deal on topics that escorts and clients need advice on. This is not so much an 'agony aunt' section but more a place to find information that could help you understand your current situation better.

March 2017 - The Best London Escorts - Is there really someone in the UK who is the is the best London escort?

February 2017 - Escorts For Rich Men - There are many wealthy guys that only date VIP escorts. So why is that?

A brand new section now looking at revisiting articles with fresh new information added to it. As the escort scene is ever changing, be first to find out the latest news and updates:

December 2016 - Ski Holidays & Local Escort Services? - Are really rich guys on expensive ski holidays booking local escort services?

September 2016 - To kick off this month instead of an article why not read the latest erotic story Body Paint Bonking.

August 2016 - Samantha X And Her Escorting Tips - This famous high class Australian escort / author (Amanda Goff) provides escorts tips on safety, etiquette and appearance.

July 2016

Katie Waisells's Grandmother Is Allegedly An Escort - Some newspapers are doing a story that Katie Waisell's grandmother is allegedly an escort.

May 2016

  • Escorts and Celebrity Press Injunctions - Are the UK press laws outdated. Should celebrities have the power of 'super injunctions' to stop their name being released in relation of alleged scandals.

April 2016

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December 2015

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September 2015

  • Escorts Being Blackmailed - Some escorts are being blackmailed by clients threatening to leave fake bad reviews. Also some by former partners who are angry from a bad relationship might blackmail them also.
  • The Cheapest Escort Dates - There are some escort dates that are quite cheap. This doesn't diminish the fun to be had.
  • Regret Booking An Escort - Has meeting an escort caused you many regrets? Maybe you were caught up in an escort scandal.

August 2015

  • Are You Beautiful? - This is a question that the world asks everybody in many different ways.

July 2015

  • Emotionally Cheating With Escorts - Are married men going on innocent escort dates, emotionally cheating on their wives? This article offers an insight into the wide spectrum of people who book escort services and why? What is the impact on their partners if they are not forthcoming with telling them? What is the impact on their relationship / marriages?. Is meeting an escort for a companionship only date really cheating?


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January - 2015

  • Making New Year's Resolutions - It is that time of year again where you make promises to lose weight and save money. What resolutions do escorts make?
  • Erotic Spanking - This unique, kinky activity is a fantasy based, sexy role play where one can be dominant or submissive.
  • Site Speed For Escort Websites - It is essential that your website speed is fast. Slow loading pages won't help you rank highly on major search engines.

December - 2014

November - 2014

  • Size 14 Escorts - These ladies are very curvaceous and represent that 'real women' possess curves in today's world.
  • Escorts Sharing Their Stories - Many are know taking to the internet to share their stories about being an escort.
  • Men Who Pay For Sex - A recent study has shown that one in ten men in the UK has paid for sex.

October - 2014

August 2014 - Articles Of The Month

July 2014 - Articles Of The Month

  • Interviews With Escorts - TV, magazine and newspaper interviews with escorts are becoming increasing popular. Has it helped people to have more insight into the profession?

June 2014 - Articles Of The Month

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  • Escorts Using Hotels - Many independents are using hotels to as a location escort bookings. Do you think it is right or wrong for them to do this?
  • University Students Becoming Escorts - With rising tuition fees, living costs and no job prospects for graduates - many university students are turning to escorting.

November 2013 - Articles Of The Month

October 2013 - Articles Of The Month

  • Google Hummingbird & Escort SEO - Will this latest algorithm update make changes to the techniques used by SEO experts?
  • Spotting An Escort in Public - How to behave when you spot an escort in public who you know or have dated.
  • Feeling Guilty About Booking Escorts - Why some men feel guilty about using escort services.
  • Cheap Escort Services - The big question is are there any good cheap escorts in London? What is the standard of quality of the service?
  • Break Up Escorts - Suffered a divorce or break down of marriage? After some time you may feel the confidence to go an a date again. Make your first date be with a sexy London escort.
  • Increase In London Escorts - Whether it is the recession or relaxed EU travelling laws; there is a big increase in escorts and agencies in London.
  • Escort Agency Advertising - When certain directories charge up to £300 per month for a banner advert, you can see the advertising element of the market is big business.

August 2013 - Articles Of The Month

July 2013 - Articles Of The Month

June 2013 - Articles Of The Month

  • Common Escort SEO Mistakes - Looking at the most common mistakes made; including risky link practice, black hat techniques and trying DIY SEO to save money.
  • Removing Fake Escort Pictures - Many websites are removing fake escort pictures due to copyright infringement notices.
  • Summer Escort Dates - Summer is officially here, so here are some date ideas if you are meeting an escort.

May 2013 - Articles Of The Month

April 2013 - Articles Of The Month

  • Harassment Of Escorts - Many escorts are reporting that they are being harassed. Here is some information about what you can do to safeguard and combat against it.

March 2013 - Articles Of The Month

Breaking News (12th March) - All escort 'webmasters' are and escort SEO experts could be bracing themselves for another Google Panda update this week. There is talk on the web this could happen tis week.

  • Post Panda Links - Has escort link building has changed since the Google Panda updates?
  • Bait and Switch Escorts - Looking at the practice by some agencies of providing escorts different to the ones clients have actually booked.
  • Escort Recruitment Guidelines - What are the guidelines and practices that many agencies use when recruiting escorts?
  • One Night Stands - The growing trend in one night stands by people who also book escort services and looking at the possible reasons for this.

February 2013 - Articles Of The Month



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