Are You Beautiful?

Today's world is a fast pace place where certain industries have a lot of influence in how we think and act. The entreatment industry is full of what you would call 'picture perfect' people. They have perfect looks, amazing figures, perfect teeth, amazing style etc They are often put on a pedestal of what beauty personifies. So it leaves many people with an aspiration or sometimes unattainable challenge to look like that. People start to question how they look and sometimes go to drastic measures to meet this ideal of beauty. Some women feel pressured in today's society to look a certain way. The beauty industry is often thought to pressure women to have a certain figure. The tabloids always run stories of famous celebrities 'post pregnancy' amazing figure and it puts a lot of pressure on women. They often go on crazy diets, even going to the lengths of getting cosmetic surgery done. You just have to look at the past ten years to see the huge increase in people getting procedures done fro simple Botox to breast enlargements etc For women today they feel that they need a bigger bottom to look beautiful. One of the the biggest increase in a specific niche in cosmetic surgery is the 'butt lift' or 'butt enhancements people look at their favorite TV or film personality and feel that they represent beauty. So many women and men ask themselves this question ... Are You Beautiful? It is interesting that many people would even pose that question to themselves.

It is seen as a sad state of affairs that many people today deem themselves as ugly. Somehow the entertainment and beauty industry has impacted their view so much, that thy feel inadequate in the look department. For many men they feel they don't have the right physique. It is not just down to looks, but any people judge how you look on what you wear. So you may not have an expensive suit or the best quality jeans. Should that impact on whether people see you as good looking or not? Well it shouldn't but not everybody thinks the same. Accessories actually add to the overall opinion somebody will have on you in regards to looks. There are actually online tests and quizzes that actually people take to see if they meet the criteria of being beautiful. Just imagine people would depend on a computer program to tell them if they look attractive or not. Is this whole issue getting out of hand and putting people at risk from depression? Some people say that size o models can make young women diet to the extreme. Even putting their health at risk to get that size 0 figure.

If you look at models they are said to be the epitome of what being beautiful is. They share a certain correlation in terms of physique, height and other visual characteristics. To even be a model you have to fit a certain criteria. Is that fair, people will ask. Well it's an industry that has its own parameters and any important issues always arise for a much wider discussion. The escort market is another where you take a look at for example escort agencies in London and you can see a general correlation. If you look at the pictures of the escorts you will see they all are rather slim and have model looks. You won't see an escort that the majority of people would say is unattractive. Escort provide discreet companionship only dates to guys and even ladies. Some people may deem themselves ugly and find even approaching somebody they like and asking them out on a date, to be impossible. Their personal perception of themselves being ugly promotes a lack of self confidence. So if they need a date they will turn to escort services as they are not judged on how they look. You tend to find more beautiful escorts than ugly ones.

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