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If you have booked an escort with First Call Escorts, then it would be helpful if you can write a review. It is a great opportunity to leave your feedback and experience so the agency can read. It is also very useful for other potential clientèle who are thinking of booking the same escort to read your review of the date. Reviews are very helpful resource for people looking to book escorts. It also helps the agency as the more reviews, the more people will come to the website and read them. To write a review you can go to our "Reviews" section and simply type in your name and review. They can be concise as you like or a bit more expansive if you would like to make a few points. In the future there could be certain incentives and rewards for writing multiple reviews. So all benefit; including you. Most reviews submitted to directories or indeed in fact agencies are often moderated. Wile you may write a 500 word review it is usually condensed to a few lines. There are only a few websites who leave your actual writing intact. Capital Punter Blog actually did a review of the top websites of this nature. It is worth a read to learn an individual's view on the topic. There are some websites that go beyond escort reviews and incorporate rating systems. This has been seen as quite a controversial topic. Obviously websites in question also incorporate escort services that also go beyond companionship only. So that is probably part of the reason for the condemnation. There has been the usual tabloid stories all showing their dismay at websites of this nature.

Away from leaving a review on the agency website you can always write them on websites dedicated solely for them. The most popular website to leave an escort review on is Punternet. All you have to do is sign up for an account and leave a review of any of our escorts you have had an outcall date with. Again this is very helpful to agency as it is a very popular website that gets numerous website hits. There are also website forums which you can join up to to leave feedback about the agency. The best forum is Punterlink. Feel free to start a thread in one of the topics about any of our escorts and your experience with them. The 'dark side' of reviewing is where escorts are being blackmailed by clientele who want to leave fake bad reviews. Discrediting an escort in this manner can make prospective clientele not want to bok her companionship (due to the fake review). Unfortunately there have been more incidences of this, but the more escorts make others aware, the less people can be exploited by this scam.


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