Documentaries About Escorts

Over the past 5 years on British television, there has been an increase in documentaries about escorts. The subject of escorting has become less of a taboo one, In fact you can read in many news websites and tabloids either scandals or articles involving escorts. From famous celebrities caught in scandals to deep insights about certain aspects of escorting. In the UK there has been a rise in the number of people becoming escorts. Also there has been a rise in the number of people using escort services. You just have to search the internet and quickly you'll find hundreds of escort websites online. There has been a rise in lesbians using escort services as well as heterosexual women. In today's society many female city professionals who are very career driven like to meet male escorts. They find this discreet dating arrangement very convenient. It beats the wasting hours on online dating sites and 'Apps' For them they get to choose the perfect classy guy to meet up with. On our TV screens many documentaries have focused of what life is like as an escort. It looks at various aspects of the escort industry from an escorts's perspective. For people who have no idea about the escorting world it gives them in introductory insight. However it has to be said it these documentaries can not tell the whole story about, all aspects about the escort industry. There are escorts who only provide private dates which are for time and companionship only. Other escorts will provide services that fall outside that. Sometimes quite questionably and dramatically.

Here is a look at the most recently aired documentaries.

You may or ay not have seen the above documentaries. However, do you think there should be more on TV? What aspects about the escort market would you like documentary makers to focus on? Are you an escort who has watched these documentaries? Did you find them accurate representations of life as an escort?