TV Documentary - My Granny The Escort


Recently Channel 4 aired a very interesting document titled 'My Granny The Escort'. If you missed the programme you can see it on 4OD. The programme looked into the lives of three very mature escorts aged over 50. the eldest being 84. Recently she has been on the This Morning Programme where gave an interview. Sheila Vogel is the name of the lady. The programme gave an insight into the world of very very mature escorts in the UK. The key aspect to point out about the services Shelia Vogel said she provided, was that they went way beyond 'companionship only. There are escorts who provide companionship only services. One key thing the documentary was able to do was to look deeper into the taboo of escorting. Who are the victims (if any) and what is the demographic of clientele. Mature independent escorts was seen to many as being a niche in the market. However this documentary has countered that 'myth'. It is easily more part of the mainstream escort market. Many gentlemen from ages 20 - 50 like the company of an older escort.

Sheila's escort rates are said to be £250 per hour. Which is quite expensive in regards to rates of other escorts. Many charge roughly half of that and common rates in the escort industry start from £110-£120 per hour. So you could say she is in the middle tier when it comes to escort rates. It boils down to companionship but the documentary touches beyond that to why she loves escorting. She explains that she loves the company of men and that often includes the physical side. That gives her much pleasure indeed. However there is a down side to her new profession and that is the impact it has had on relationships with her family. In a very peculiar twist it turns out Sheila was the grandmother of X Factor finalist Katie Waissel. Nobody at in her family knew she was an escort until it became public knowledge via media outlets.

Too Old For Escorting?

When you think of the word ' granny' immediately for most people you think of an elderly OAP. They are enjoying the quiet life and mostly they do not have much of a sex life. However this documentary shows that not every woman over 80 falls into that bracket of expectation. Sheila loves her body and the fact men worship it. How many woman have 6that confidence about their body at that age? Many people could se that as a refreshing stance to take. Whether they agree with her escort work is a matter of opinion. However the documentary is a big eye opener in regards to just how popular mature escorts are in the UK. The documentary opens the debate to many important talking points. Is it perverse that today's society has such a flourishing mature escort niche? Mature in the most extreme of senses. Does the society need to take a step back an stop having such an ageist discriminative mentality?

Yes the documentary has caused some controversy and will form their own opinions after watching it. Maybe you are a gentleman that has been considering booking the type of company showcased in the Channel 4 documentary? Did the programme change your views and perceptions at all? Again if you missed watching the documentary it is available to view on 4OD.