Too Old For Escorting?

IS there an age where individuals become too old for escorting. For example is there a demand for escorts aged 50 and over? Well it all comes down to the demographic of clientele and what they want. Certainly over the past few year there has been a sharp rise in mature ladies promoting escort services on the internet. From advertising on free escort directories, forums, message boards etc. The other notable rise is in the number of specialist escort agencies who showcase these older ladies. 5 or 6 years ago a mature escort agency would simply be unheard of. However today there are some established ones who have a massive following. The key question is down to the individual. As there is a market for certainly ladies between 40-55, could that possibly extend to 55 years old plus. When comes a time where age restricts the service? Well certainly in the UK, that question has created such an interest. Channel 4 has recently aired a documentary looking at much older women doing escorting. The programme is called 'My Granny The Escort' which has received many reviews and created many talking points. One escort featured in the programme has since gone onto doing an interview on ITV's This Morning.

The Demand

In a way these very much older escorts have created a niche within their own right. One thing that documentary did prove to a certain extent, is a demand for their companionship. So it is very much an escort service in demand, in it's own right. It really depends on the mind-set and character of the mature lady. There is always this pre-conceived that many people seem to have of people aged 55 and over. The idea that they are 'over the hill' or that they have surpassed certain things that are of interest only to younger adults. Sure, many people do adopt different lifestyles, hobbies and interests when they age. However that doesn't everybody does. Maybe it is hard for people to see others not making the transition that they deem is the natural transition down to age. They may have some reservations of acceptance about older women acting younger. Or is that the case at all. Like the saying goes you are only as old as you feel.

Escort Companionship Of Mature Women

Well people do not cease the need for companionship when they get to a certain age. It is down to the individual on their own concept on life, romance and outlook. You can get a 57 year old lady who has more energy and is more healthy than a 25 year old. Certainly many older gentlemen who require specialist adult dating services tend to feel more comfortable in the company of a lady there own age. A 55 year old gentlemen will in effect have more in common with a 57 year old lady than a 21 year old. So boils down into the attributes, life experience, personality etc Sometimes that is determined by age. The client and escort will have more in common which each other at similar ages.

There is a need for older escorts as many gentlemen of a more mature age, simply don't want to go on dates with ladies who are 5, 10 or even 15 years younger than them. They prefer an older lady who has more life experience or simply if they going to a prestigious event or party together; they may feel out of place attending with a lady who is so much younger than them.

Like the saying goes you are as young as you feel. Certainly for mature escorts there is a growing trend for even older aged ladies providing escort services today.