Is Samantha X Back As An Escort?

Samantha X burst into the spotlight of media back in September 2014 when she appeared on several online tabloid websites. Her real name is Amanda Goff and it was said she wrote the famous book 'Secrets of a High Class Escort'. It was a very detailed autobiography that detailed certain aspects of her life as an escort. At the time nobody was sure of true identity of the lady who wrote the book. It did cause a storm of controversy and then many articles about her life surfaced in online newspaper websites. It did have a huge impact on Samantha X's personal life. Her online blog at the time did get lots of attention and online visitors. Now in July 2018 many tabloids are speculating that Samantha X is making a return to escorting. Why is this? Well, it all stems from a photo that she posted on her instagram of her in a very stylish dress and expensive high heels. Online news media outlets reported the alleged photo of her had the caption of "Another day in my office". Samantha did officially retire back in 2017. So does one photo really mean she is is coming out of retirement? Well, that is a decision for Samantha X to make. Some people have been commenting online that she is free to return to escorting without having to endure a media frenzy. As she is a high profile author and former escort, this Australian beauty well always be under the spotlight. If she does return to the escort industry then surely it is a personal decision that doesn't need all the attention in the public arena. It has drawn many people to speculate is she returning. Several online news websites have suggested that Samantha X is replying with cryptic messages. Is she or isn't back as an escort? ... that is the question everybody wants answered. Will it have a massive impact on her personal life? Does she need the attention and is using this as an excellent marketing tactic? Who knows? Read this article about her possible return.

There where stories years ago that her ex husband (David Basha) was worried about her fame in the public arena. Especially the impact it was alleged to have on the family. It is reported by news websites that she entered into a relationship. However, it was said that she regretted leaving the escort industry for a man. So maybe she couldn't be an escort and have a relationship at the same time. Amanda Goff's interview on 'Channel Seven's Sunday Night' was seen by many people. When it aired it created several talking points at the time. Is this former Australian escort making a comeback. Well she does have a loyal fan base if you look at all the comments online her fans are writing. Some directly asking her if she is making a return to escorting. It is said that she still runs an escort agency, so she is still involved in the industry.

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