Size 14 Escorts

If you take a look at the majority of London escort agencies, their recruitment criteria is usually the same. One thing that is consistent is when they say they are looking to recruit escorts that have a dress size of between 8-12. So it begs the question ... what about size 14 escorts? Are they basing optimum beauty on this dress size range only. Do the majority of their clientele only want to book the company of escorts within that dress size range. The more and more you read women's magazines and look at topics of polls,; their is a clear shift. That shift is towards saying that real women actually possess curves. The term 'curvaceous' is one that many women want to aspire to have. When you look at all the trend in plastic surgery, women are looking to have butt implants. They want to have a curvy look, like many of the female celebrities are now getting. So why is there a distinct lack by many of these agencies to recruit more curvy women?

There is a massive gap. You have the dress size 8-12, then there is a massive leap to BBW escorts who are size 18-20 and above. So it is easy to argue that ladies with a dress size 16 are being overlooked. Women who fall outside of that dress size range must feel that they do not have a chance to work for any of these London based escort agencies. Surely there must be a huge demand for more curvaceous escorts, who have stunning, curvy figures. Forget what you hear about plus size models, there is like an exclusion of women who have real curves. This certainly does not just apply to the escorting world. If you think of the glamour and fashion modelling industry, the same could be said.

What is refreshing to see is these size 14 escorts are not deterred by falling outside the criteria of recruitment by agencies. There is a huge independent escort scene in London and the UK. Many of these ladies simply become independents. Which is great for gentlemen who like to go on a date with a lady with a more curvy figure. Maybe there will be a new niche of dress size 14-18 escorts only. There has to be huge potential for that niche. Maybe you are a lady who has always wanted to be part of an escort agency but feel put off by the very rigid dress size requirement. Well nothing is stopping you from becoming an escort. You can still apply to these agencies. Surely if you have the personality and the beauty, then having a ore curvy figure should be irrelevant. What are your views on the matter? Contact us if you have an opinion.