Why Escort Services Are Often Mistaken With Prostitution?

This is an important subject worth discussing. Many people do mistake escort services with prostitution. However what is essential to ascertain, is something very important from the offset. What exactly is an escort service? Simply, it is where an individual (escort) provides a service which is strictly for time and companionship only. Anything else outside that can not be constituted as being an escort service. However there are escorts and agencies that operate outside of that. So when they have the title 'escort' they are not essentially providing a service which is fully representational of it. There have been many scandals where so called escorts have been involved with celebrities. These have been seen widely in the media, featuring in magazines and newspapers. When the actual details of these scandals surface, you can clearly see that they operated outside the boundaries of time and companionship only. Basically there were circumstances, where people engaged in sex. So when you get escort agencies and independents who adhere to just providing time and companionship, they are often tarnished with the same brush. Is that fair? Well obviously not, but that angle is rarely talked about or often given any prominent relevance.

The Differences Between The Two

Prostitution is defined as when somebody engages in sexual activity with a person or persons for payment (money). However many people shroud themselves in the title of being 'an escort'. This way it makes them outwardly appear to not engage in this activity, but behind closed doors it could be another story. There are many instances of this and prostitution holds many different formats. The real sadness behind it, is many people are being exploited and feel that they can not speak up. They are often threatened and many people are trafficked from different countries. More needs to be done to combat this and also raise awareness. Real escorting is where people are not under the influence of others. These are adults of have made informed decisions to provide a service for time and companionship only. However there is always going to be a taboo about it, as again they will get tarnished with the same brush. There are many important issues involving escort services. What is unique is the fact that because so many 'non escorts' are escorting, the general consensus about it has changed. Many people just see it as gloried prostitution. Where in many circumstances they are right... what about the people who provide a legitimate time and companionship only service? Do they deserve to be thought of in that way. Obviously they will be thought of in a negative way. If they were out socially and somebody asked what they did for a living ... could they say 'escort'?

Changes In Attitudes

There has been many people who have changed their opinion about escorting. Also there are many people who have changed their opinion about prostitution. One remarkable sway is that some people have seen it become something that represents empowerment. It is important to put things in context and their opinion is within the context that this only applies to individuals who are free to make that decision. So they have not been threatened or coerced into making that decision. However there will always be a dark underbelly in it all. That will never change as you are dealing with people and there is always the bad side to everything. More so in this subject matter. You could say that many top escorts in Central London (for example in the Park Lane area), lead better lifestyles, than the majority of people. They make good money, go to the best places and wear the most expensive, high fashion clothes. Many are confident, beautiful ladies who see escorting as a great lifestyle and work choice. Thus giving them the opportunities to meet people and go places they wouldn't be able to, if they stayed in their previous profession. There are a percentage who do adhere to time and companionship only, there is a percentage that does not adhere to it. What that percentage exactly is ... who knows?

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