What is An Escort Service?

In 2017 many people are starting to use escort services. An escort service is simply when an escort provides their time and companionship with a discerning gentlemen in exchange for monies. This is pre-arranged in the format of an escort booking. Independents and escort agencies provide escorts services and they vary in the geographical location; also in the type of service provided. The duration of each of these services are pre-arranged between the client and the escorts. The usual minimum booking time for any escort service is 1 hour and escorts charge per hour accordingly. The length of booking can usually correlate to the nature of it. A dinner date will usually be longer than an hour as people usually tend to spend 2 to 3 hours at a restaurant. The 'overnight' option is obviously long (from about 9pm to 7am). Lunch dates, hotel visits and short notice bookings are usually services that carry the least duration in time. It is not just women who provide escort services. Men also can provide them to women. Also they can provide them to other men (referred to as a gay escort service).

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Who Uses Escort Services?

There is no specific demographic that only books escort services. Both men and women of different backgrounds, social statuses and sexuality may require them. Here is an in-depth look at to who uses them and why?

  1. Heterosexual Men - This makes up the largest demographic of escort clientele. This can be true for London, the UK and any country with an escort industry. There used to be a time where escort services where reserved for the more wealthy gentleman. However a rise in the number of people becoming escorts, escort agencies and a significant drop in the prices have made them more available to a wider demographic. Gentlemen from all walks of life book the company of escorts for a wide range of reasons. From rich VIP's, businessmen, (politicians), millionaires and socialites to not very wealthy men and the 'average joe'. Some require escort services due to the lifestyle they lead. If they are in a very rich, corporate environment then they may book an escort as a date for a special event or function. Some of these men are happily married and book escorts with or without their wife's consent. To some it's part of the 'culture' of being rich. Being surrounded or in the company of beautiful women is normal. Then there are gentlemen with normal jobs from normal walks of life. they again can be married or in a relationship. Some gentlemen book escort services as they are unhappy in their current relationship. For other that single or newly divorced it just factors down to basic loneliness.
  2. Bisexual Women: This is a unique demographic that people never thought existed. There are some women who are unsure of their sexuality. they may be married or in a happy relationship with a man, but have always questioned their own sexuality. So they are drawn to being in the company of women. Booking an escort date can be often seen as escapism by them. They obviously book lesbian escort services. Which itself is an emerging niche in the escort market.
  3. Lesbian Women - This is the biggest 'new' emerging niche in the market. lesbian escorts where a bit of a rarity 5 years ago. However many escort agencies are adding this option to their agency. There are many professional city businesswomen who require dates for a number of work related social engagements. due to their heavy workload and work responsibilities, they do not get the opportunity to socialise and meet women. So when it comes to acquiring a date for the evening, they opt for booking an escort. Some women are may be adjusting to becoming lesbian. They may not be up to speed with the social scene and not have the confidence to go to a bar or club by themselves. So this service is perfect as they can attend with a lady who is more accustomed to the social scene.
  4. Couples - Many couples are now booking escort services. For a wide range of reasons of course. The main reason is to test and embrace the introduction of new dynamics to their relationship. Some gentlemen like to see how their lady interacts with another beautiful woman. Also vice-versa. Some couples who are new to an area, may find it beneficial to book a companionship service if they are want to introduce a fresh element of company into their lives. Others simply enjoy escort dates for fun.
  5. Gay Men - There was an article widely published on the internet and online on major news publications about the aspect of re branding the gay escort market. Read the BBC article on it. The market is not has big as the one for heterosexual men, however recently over the years there has been a more visible presence of gay escort services on the web. Unfortunately there gay escort market is till seen as being less professional. There are not that many gay escort agencies on the internet. The majority of gay companionship services are advertised through online escort directories and message boards.

Any Grey Areas?

There is a bit of a taboo when it comes to escorting. There is a big grey area some of the above do exploit. Some people parade themselves as escorts but are really call girls who off "extra services". Often these services are of a sexual nature. So they disguise themselves as escorts to operate. Some do not even hide the fact that their escort service is a sexual one. They usually showcase them in slang terms that people recognise with sex.

There are either; incalls or outcalls. Incalls are when the client travels to the escort. Outcalls are when the escort travels to the home or hotel suite of the client. Other outcall services are when the date happens at a specific location, like a dinner date, party or special occasion.

There have been many stories of famous celebrities and sportsmen using escort services in the news. From 'footballers', actors to even MP's; tabloids have run stories. More an more people are starting to use them. Some are single men who get lonely and need romantic company. Newly divorced gentlemen might need an escort service for the same reason. Businessmen who are away on business often turn to these companionship experiences. Often some of these men are married, but as they are away and their wives will never find out, they indulge in this behavior.

Some escort services are run in an illegal fashion while others are fake. Both are done to extort money from individuals and many of these crimes go unreported unfortunately. There are a wide range of agencies and independents that showcase a wide range of services. You can find many on the internet. Escort directories are a good port of call to start looking for some in your area. If you want to learn more about specific type of of companionship option then feel free to read our Guide To Escort Services.