Escort Advice

January 2016

Welcome to our new section called 'Escort Advice'. It is going to focus on all escort related matters and focus on important topics. It's 2016 and the subject of 'escorts' is becoming less and less taboo in today's society. If you look at the number of escorts in the UK, it is in the tens of thousands. There are also hundreds if not thousands of escort agencies in the UK as well. You just have to turn your attention to the internet to see hundreds of websites showcasing escorts providing either incalls or outcalls. Due to the current financial climate in the UK any people have been made redundant and lost their jobs. Some en and women have opted to choose a new career path in escorting. They see it as a viable way to make money and choose a new direction in life. When considering trying anything new, you have to acknowledge there are always various pitfalls that you can encounter. So it is recommended you do your research and find out as much information as you can before you enter the world of escorting. This section will discuss certain aspects new escorts face as well as answer questions asked by them.

This section will also discuss important matters facing people booking escort services. Without clients escorts would not exist. More and people are turning to escorts for dates in the UK. Many people see it as a hassle free way to meet somebody who can go out with the for a dinner date or attend a party with them. Also there are are a multitude of other social activities which people require the company of an escort. From theatre and opera visits to going to a lavish party. Before you would only associate escort clients as being very rich bachelors like a VIP businessman or millionaire. Now with so many cheap escort services available, the demographic of escort clients has changed dramatically over recent times. So lots of people will be booking escorts for the first time in their lives. Again this presents a list of pitfalls that are best to avoid. This 'Escort Advice' section will also draw upon recent articles that are relevant. Going back to see certain talking points to see if they can be expanded upon. For example the article 'Female Escorts Starting Agencies' written last June will be revisited.

Topics & Talking Points

If you have any topics you would like to b discussed or you have something you need basic, general advice on, then maybe it could be featured in this section. Feel free to contact us and maybe your subject could be included in this section.