Top 10 Reasons People Book An Escort

Escort services 10 years ago in the UK was a bit of a taboo subject to mention. Today it there is much more wider knowledge about the escort market. Whether it has been a scandal, a TV programme, a magazine interview or a documentary - escorts have been put in the public eye more. What was really grounding breaking for the British public was the ITV1 show, Diary of a Call Girl, starring Billie Piper. Obviously this was based on an high class escort who provided services that went beyond time and companionship only. Yes, some individuals use the term "escorts" even though thy provide services that fall outside the boundaries of companionship only. However it introduced people into that side of escorting which SOME, not all, adopt. The show did actually demonstrate why certain people book escort services. Maybe some gentlemen at the time who is used to booking an escort could relate to the programme. Maybe you are a guy or even a woman who is considering booking an escort. Whatever your reason it is going to be personal to you and fit into your current lifestyle. Maybe you are changing your lifestyle around and this is something that has a certain appeal to it. Here are the top 10 reasons people book an escort:

  1. Looking For Adventure - Some people are bored with their current life. It may be a mundane cycle of getting up early to go to work. Then having a stressful day at work, coming home late and going straight to bed. They may look at other peoples lives on the way home from work and feel they are missing out. So what starts off as just a reflection of their current situation evolves into an adventure, where they are fighting against the odds of a mundane life. So they will see booking an escort as one big adventure. Maybe they may just meet one only once and it becomes a one off episode in their life. However some people book an escort and it starts a chapter in their life where escorts become a major part. Travelling to posh places, with a beautiful escort as company for some people is very adventurous. Meeting different beauties for the first time gives people a kind of adrenaline rush.
  2. Combatting Loneliness - Some people are lonely individuals and they can struggle to cope with it. They maybe be constantly surrounding by couples, whether it is their friends or family. Often this can lead to them feeling like the odd one out. Away from that, there is the reality that they don't have anybody to talk to or socialise with. Not even anybody to just ask them how their day has been. So some people get to the stage where they book an escort for just basic company one afternoon or evening. Some book a visiting outcall where an escort can discreetly visit them at their home. They may not feel comfortable meeting somebody new in an environment they are not comfortable in. For some older gentlemen they may have gone through a divorce. They will have lost a companion and sometimes friends (if the divorce was messy). So just things like going out to dinner, the theatre or just a few drinks - booking an escort is the easy option.
  3. Need To De-Stress - You may work a high pressured job and that tension and stress could take you to breaking point. Everybody searches for a balance in their life. For high powered, high pressured businessmen, they are always living under great pressure. Pressure to be successful in their work can take a toll on you mentally. So to avoid working themselves into a too stressful state, they like to unwind. One way is to book a stunning escort and party hard. This may be going to a fancy bar or club and spending hundreds or even thousands on champagne. Anything to take their mind off work and just simply have a god time. Some high powered businessmen like to book dominatrix escorts. This is because thy are so used to being the boss and being in charge, it has an effect on them. To combat that they like to be in a sexy role reversal where they are bossed around.
  4. Away On Business - You may have travelled to a city that is new to you in the UK. You may even have travelled from overseas, for business trip. Well you won;t be conducting business 24/7 so chances are you will have some free time. Instead of spending many boring nights at your hotel just watching satellite TV, you will want to get out and explore the area. There will be hopefully some nice bars and restaurants. Anytime you are somewhere new, naturally you want to have a look around and go for an evening out. You have discretion as you are new to an area and nobody will now you. So meeting an escort may be easier in this circumstance.
  5. Being Daring - You may have a friend who you know books escorts. You may have surfed the internet and seen escort adverts etc You are not so much looking for adventure, but in a way trying to prove that you can be daring and try new things. Some people can fantasise that they are going to book an escort. However they never get as far as picking up the phone to call. Some are too afraid or lack the confidence to talk on the phone and try unsuccessfully to book an escort via e-mail only. They get put into the category of time wasters. A big majority of people who do meet escorts to be daring could be suffering a mid life crisis. Maybe they feel they used to be fun and daring and now they feel old and boring. To prove they still are outgoing and life as not passed the by, they may opt to book an escort companion.
  6. Big Social Calendar - If you are a young, rich socialite you probably get invited out to lots of places. Whether it is VP parties, after parties, special functions, dinner parties etc You ay enjoy being a bachelor and not tied down by one lady. So it is convenient to just book an escort to attend an event or party with. You get to meet lots of new beautiful women and there are no ties. Also you can find dates at very short notice if you are busy doing other stuff.
  7. You Enjoy Meeting Beautiful Ladies - You could be a guy that simply adores meeting beautiful women. There is such a diversity to the types of escorts in the UK, especially London. You may adore women of different nationalities. So one day you can meet a Brazilian escort, the next day you could meet an Indian escort. Whether you like the company of busty ladies, slim or curvaceous, you have so much choice. Do you prefer blondes to brunettes? Maybe you have never met a sexy lady with ginger hair before. Well as they say, the world is your oyster.
  8. Convenience - Are you so busy you don;t have time to for anyone else, let alone yourself? Have you really put all your time and effort in life to building your career? Has your personal life suffered as a result? Well maybe online dating is just too long winded and complicated for you. If after work you fancy a few drinks then you could just book an escort to meet you. You can enjoy some wine, fine conversation and experience an enjoyable evening. There is minimal effort involved choosing an escort for a date. So for some guys and ladies, it is the most convenient option for companionship.
  9. Cheering Yourself Up - Have you gone through a break up and it was tough? Do you see your former partner moving on with their life and being happy? Well that can get you down and you start to become a bit of a recluse. Well do not give up on going out and having fun. Why not book a table at a really fancy restaurant. No, you are not going to dine out alone, but in the company of a stunning escort. It is amazing how just a simple night out in good copany can cheer you up. It makes you remind yourself that lif moves on and you should be having fun.
  10. You Like Meeting Escorts - Some people just like meeting up with escorts. It has bcome a ajor part in their life. It fits into your current lifestyle and you find so much enjoyent from it. You may even go as far as go travel to diffrent cities in the Uk, to book different escorts. Some people have even realised that they have a bit of an escort addiction.