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A section dedicated to information and articles surrounding topics and issues involving escort agencies. An informative look at escort agencies, their management, how they are run etc. There are so many issues involving agencies, from starting an agency, the law, escort selection, marketing, advertising issues, website design, recruitment etc

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Escort Agency Articles

How Escort Agencies Retain Clients - Repeat escort bookings are vital for agencies. How do they go about retaining clientele?

First Female Escort Agency Owner - 'Just Me' is the title of an intriguing autobiography written by a lady said to b the first female escort agency owner.

10 Reasons To Book - Here are the top 10 reasons why you should book with this agency.

High Turnover Of Escort Agency Escorts - Escort agency escorts only work for agencies for a set amount of time before they leave. Thus there is a high turnover of escorts at agencies.

Escort Agencies Using Fake Pictures - Article 2 - There are some agencies that put fake pictures on their website to then "bait and switch" on bookings.

What Makes Escort Agencies Stand Out From Others? - What aspects about an agency make it better or more appealing than others?

Escort Agency Advertising - Online advertising is one of the most aspects of the marketing campaign for agencies; especially London based ones.

24 Hour Escort Agencies - Many agencies are extending their opening times to the point they provide a 24 hour service.

What New Escort Categories? - What different types of escorts would you like to be showcased next on the website?

Escort Descriptions Updates - How often do escort agencies update the descriptions of escorts in their online galleries?

Credit Card Escorts - Many agencies now have chosen an alternative payment method for their services. A look at the rise in credit card payments.

Planning An Escort agency -This looks at the issues surrounding starting an escort agency and the planning involved.

London Agency Escorts - Explaining the difference between agency escorts and independent escorts.

Escort Agency Advertising - Many agencies need to promote their services to increase their brand awareness. A look at the different types of advertising options available to them.

Jan 10th - Rangers star girlfriend pictures used on escort agency website - A look at a story in the media about an escort agency and a famous girlfriends pictures.

Escort Verification - A look at the verification process agencies have to ensure they have in place.

Bogus Escort Clients - Looking at how agencies must have an awareness of bogus clients

Illegal Escort Agencies - A look into the murky world if illegal escort agencies.

Escort Agency Membership - Many repeat clients of an agency can gain a special client membership to an agency and benefit from discounts and VIP treatment.

Escort Drivers - Many agencies providing outcall / visiting escort services have professional escort drivers to transport escorts to and from bookings.

Independent Escorts Joining Agencies - Discussing the reasons for the sharp rise in independent escorts who are applying to join escort agencies.

Video Galleries For Escort Agencies - With so much web media technology out there a look at why escort agencies are not taking advantage of this and making video portfolio galleries, showcasing their companions.

Escort News For Agencies - Why do so many agencies who have websites not promote their own agency news on it?

Escort Conduct On Bookings - Looking at the rules of conduct escorts should follow whilst on a companionship date.

Competitiveness Amongst Agency Escorts - Is there a level of competition between escorts who work at the same agency?

Quality Of Escort Service - What makes a brilliant escort service and the individual attributes and components escort agencies have to get right to be regarded as one of the best?

Agency Escort Selection - The importance of the recruitment and verification process of potential escorts, when joining an agency.

Independent Escorts Joining Agencies - The independent market is very competitive and many are now opting to join agencies for regular clients.

Escort News For Agencies - How do agencies share news about themselves, their services, escorts and the market?

London Agency Escorts - What exactly is an agency is is and how they differ from an independent?

Escort Agency Advertising - Many agencies advertise on the internet in directories and other escort related websites.

Increase In London Escorts - There has been and increase in new escorts in London. Has the recession paid a part in this?

Lack Of BBW Escort Agencies - Why is the independent market thriving for big beautiful women but the agency one is nonexistent?

New Escorts - Looking at the importance given by agencies to recruiting and showcasing new escorts.

Escort Agency Managers - An insight into the roles managers fulfill when it comes to the agency. They may oversee interviewing, booking, advertisement and the day to day logistics.

Competitiveness Amongst Agency Escorts - There is a growing trend of competition between escorts in the same agency. sometimes this can cause much friction.