High Turnover Of Escort Agency Escorts

Well many of you who search for or use escort services online may have noticed the following. you are looking at an escort agency website one week and the next week their profiles have changed in their gallery. Why is this you may ask. Well escort agency have a high turnover of escorts. Again you may ask why this is so. Well you have to look at the reasons people become escorts to fully understand the situation. Many women become escorts as it is a great way to make a lot of money in a short space of time. They may not be making enough financially on a minimum wage. With mounting debts and bills, they need a way to meet those demands. so they will invest money in getting professional pictures taken and then approach an escort agency for work. Their aim may be to work two months to save a bit of money, pay of debts and spend a bit. After two months they simply turn round to the agency and they they are no longer escorting. Some simply do not even contact the agency and ignore their calls.

Funding Their Education

Some escorts are university students looking to fund their way through university. They have no long term goals to have a full time profession as an escort. Their main goal is to get a degree and earning money as an escort along the way is an added bonus. So eventually many of them will stop being escorts. So escort agencies have to always recruit new escorts to fill the gaps of the people who have left. Some escorts are studying to become doctors and lawyers. With expensive course fees and of course the cost of living is always climbing; becoming an escort is the most viable option. you see escorts come from many different backgrounds and people get into this line of work for many different reasons. Some use it as a temporary means to earn what they would call a substantial amount of money.

Competitive Independent Escort Market

Independent escorts find it tougher than escort agencies as the market is more competitive. Whilst there are hundreds of agencies in the UK, there are thousands of independent escorts. So the ones who struggle to get bookings will approach an agency for work. The majority still keep independent bookings. Now some actually end up stealing clients that agencies have brought there way. So obviously when they are found out, the agency and escort have to part ways. For many independent escorts working for an agency is only a short term solution. Being an independent escort means they are are in control of their own bookings. They would never give up that level of independence and control indefinitely.

Not Everybody's Cup Of Tea

Many people who become escorts have all these expectations of they think escorting will be. So an agency will recruit new escorts, give them an opportunity, only to find after a booking, the escort quits. This accounts for actually a lot of the turnover of escorts as many people simply find escorting is not for them. So when you see a profile on a website one day and it is gone the next,. then that basically is what has happened. Unfortunately some escorts encounter dangerous situations and it is enough to put them off being one. That is another reason why profiles simply get removed from agency websites.

From One Agency To Another

It is quite competitive for agencies online and sometimes they do well and sometimes bookings are hard to come by. Some escorts 'agency surf'. Basically they go to whatever agency is popular at any given time. If the bookings dry up, then they simply go to another that is getting a lot of bookings. That is why sometimes you see the same escort on multiple websites. some agencies do not get round to taking their profile off their website. While it is good for the escort as they can ensure they are always in work. It is a headache for the agency as they have to recruit to replace the person who has left.