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You may or may not have noticed that many of the escort descriptions for escorts showcased in our online galleries have been updated. It is essential that you are given updated information about each escort. That way everything stays fresh with the latest news and happenings about each lady. Descriptions are important as it an informative reference to important aspects about each companion, their personality, service and interests. Many agencies do not update their escorts's descriptions for months. Some even have out of date information. It is important as well to update pictures as well. Some escorts could have changed their hair colour or even undergone cosmetic surgery or enhancement. Feel free to read the new descriptions and e-mail any feedback / questions you may have. Websites that do not update information have obvious signs. The escort age stays the same for over a 12 month period. Pictures have not been updated in over two years. Those are clear indications that the lady in question is no longer escorting.

Good For SEO

If you are an escort or agency and have a website, it is very important to update it. If you have an SEO campaign on the internet, then a frequently updated website with rich written content is a must. So go through areas of the website that are old. Can you add any more relevant information? Is the information no longer accurate? All these are important areas that should definitely be considered to compete on major search engines. An escort may be providing a new service or may be apart of a new duo. If that is so then write about it. Web users and prospective clients always welcome new bits of 'info'. First Call escorts ensure that the description for each escort is always updated where necessary. As well as rates and other important aspects of the service. The 'In The Spotlight' feature is an extension of information about each escort. Have a read and learn more about your favourite beauty.

What is evident to observe on the internet are the countless escort descriptions that are short, of poor quality and very hard to read. It is important that potential clientèle can read information about each escort as it acts as a guide if they want to book their companionship services or not. Many independents or agencies use the same descriptions when submitting listings to directories. It is always good to try and diversify that information as it gives web users a more rounded description of each lady. If you would like to comment on the new descriptions then feel free to e-mail the agency with your views.

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